PunchBOX kick drum instrument by D16 Group announced

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D16 Group has announced PunchBOX, a virtual kick drum instrument plugin for Windows and Mac. This new kick Synthesizer comes with a very interesting GUI design and I’m anxious to hear this new plugin by D16 Group. The company is best known from their classic drum machine emulations. What we know: it combine virtual analogue technology from their classic drum machines and high quality samples. If the sound quality is so good as their drum machine emulations, than this one can be a great bass drum Synthesizer.

We’d like to announce our latest creation – PunchBox, which is a virtual instrument designed for creating high-quality kick drum sounds. It combines sampling and analog modeling synthesis techniques bringing together the best of the two worlds.
Furthermore, a vast quality factory content delivered by industry-standard sound designers Sound Of Revolution and CFA Sound will get you started in no time.
There are no yet price informations or more details available. So more soon 😉

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