Easter Deals: VirSyn IOS Synthesizer and Effects on sale

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Virsyn announced an Easter Sale on their IOS Synthesizers an Effects. Here all the deals with videos. I don’t have yet made for all Virsyn Stuff videos but I hope they help you.

VirSyn Tera Synth (19.99 USD to 9.99 USD)

VirSyn Addictive Synth (9.99 USD to 6.99 USD) 

Virsyn iSynPoly (1.99 USD to 0.99 USD)

VirSyn microTera ( 9.99 USD to 4.99 USD) 

VirSyn Tap Delay ( 6.99 USD to 4.99 USD)

VirSyn CubeSynth (11.99 USD to 5.99 USD) 

VirSyn Poseidon Synth (19.99 USD to 9.99 USD)

Other apps are also in sale. This is only a little overview of the VirSyn IOS Sale. If you want to purchase one of these apps, please use my links so you support my work. Many thanks in advance

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