SuperBooth 2016 – 3 Days of Electronic Madness in Berlin

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For the first time, no other than SchneidersBuero, the modular distribution leader from Berlin, will organise a music and culture fair about electronic music gear and much more. This special new fair will be taking place from March 31st to April 2nd in Berlin. You love Synthesizers, electronic music gear or general electronics and you have free time in this time period, it’s your must see event. It’s much more than a traditional fair, it’s a music and culture fair where you can see live acts, talk with your favourite gear developer or just drink a beer with your friends and talk about new gear. 

The exhibition will take place at the historic Funkhaus, which is a former German radio station. The location offers a unique atmosphere to meet new people and to discover new unknown devices. 

This event is great to see in real what some of these very small companies developed over years in their small sound laboratories. For the visitors, it will be a great possibility to check them out in detail. Watching a video or web-store page doesn’t has this exceptional feeling of hands-on. This fair is specially made for making this possible, offering a perfect platform to small and big companies for demonstrating their stuff in a unique environment. 

Over 100 exhibitors are registered for SuperBooth16 yet. From pure analog designers, software developers and even iPad companies are present at this special fire. In the analog world, you can find companies like Dieter Doepfer, David Smith Instruments or in the software world big companies like Native Instruments or Ableton. Old or young, all different kind of electronic music gear companies are preset at SuperBooth16. 

SuperBooth16 is also a great opportunity to check out and to say hello to the music app developers from Berlin. The makers of Elastic Drums, zMors Modular, Modstep and Triqtraq are already confirmed for this year edition. 

There will be also daily presentations, demonstrations, discussions and DIY workshops. Our loved app developers will hold special presentations about their apps and will perform jams with them. A perfect place for all your questions, suggestions or only to hear the performances. 

To complete a great electronic day. you can visit the night program that will be presented with very nice well-known artists. On the weekend night, (1/04 and 02/04), Superbooth16 will hold large concerts  in the Funkhaus location where interesting artists will be performing. 

For transport from Berlin to the Funkhaus is also cared. With you purchased tickets for the SuperBooth, you can use a free boat shuttle (Jannowitzbrücke – Funkhaus) and enjoy a small tour of the Berliner Spree. If you have not yet visited Berlin, this is a perfect free sightseeing possibility included in your ticket. 

I will be there for 3 days and I will try to produce some videos about the new gear available there. If someone is also there, please leave a message. The exhibition is open for the public from 14:00 p.m to 22:00 p.m and you can purchase your tickets already online here:

Don’t miss this electronic event in Berlin !

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