DesignByPaul released WubSynth App for iPad

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DesignByPaul released WubSynth App for iPad. 

WubSynth is designed specifically for making dubstep and EDM Lead Bass. WubSynth key features are its tempo synced modulation panel with easy controllable speed and its bit crusher that has a very vocal sounding digital crunch.
I hope I can do an 7 Minutes with an iPad Synth with this new app

Key Features: 
  • Saw, PW/square, 
  • Highpass filter and resonent lowpass filter (LP modulatable)
  • Haas stereo spreader, chourus, clip, bit-crusher
  • Tempo sync LFO with right hand thumb control
  • 5 octave keyboard
  • 99 save slots

WubSynth is available here:

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