Sound Guru released Update for The Mangle Granular Synthesizer

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Sound Guru released an update for “The Mangle” Granular Synthesizer with some bugfixes and new features. 

The update include:
Visual facelift, with an overall cleaner look and improved clarity in grain display & animations.

As part of the overhaul, the layout of the modulator buttons changed slightly – LFOs swapped positions with Envs 1 & 2. Sorry if this fools with your muscle-memory, but it makes more sense this way!

Fixed hilariously broken MIDI assignments. Mod wheel, pitch wheel, and learned CC assignments now work with at least a pretence of sanity.

Coarse and fine pitch adjustments don’t reset on closing/opening the GUI, another silly bug squashed.

You can now easily hear the original sound file with a ‘play’ button at the top right of the grain display.

Double click on resizer triangle to reset size to default.

Presets are now loaded & saved off the GUI thread – this means the interface doesn’t lock up if you’re loading/saving a preset with lots of embedded audio, which can take some   time.

Added new option in Slot copy/paste menu to paste all settings except position and amp.

Extracting audio now numbers audio files by slot, so you can extract embedded audio, then re-add it to The Mangle by dragging all the files to the first slot.

Fixed a problem where if you had embedded audio, but the corresponding audio didn’t exist on your harddrive, the preset reembeds audio in a space-inefficient way.

Numerous other small fixes.

More Informations about The Mangle, you can finde here

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