Part 2 of Roland SYSTEM-1 Plug-In/Out Synthesizer now available

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This the second part of the sound review of the Roland SYSTEM-1 Plugin Synthesizer. You hear correctly, a software plug-in Synthesizer based on the hardware Synthesizer SYSTEM-1. The plug-in version of SYSTEM-1 offers you the same technology and sound possibilities as the Plug-Out Synthesizer. 

For this tests, I connected my SYSTEM-1 Plug-out Synthesizer in my DAW to get an USB Controller for this plug-in. 

My impressions are the same as in Part 1. Optical, the SYSTEM-1 Hardware and Software Synthesizer are not the beautiful products on the market and they polarize a lot the market. Some people doesn’t love the look other one absolutely. Also the keyboard feeling on the SYSTEM-1 Hardware isn’t good. 

On the other, you get an great sounding product with a lot of sound possibilities, many waveforms and other great features like cross-modulation. Also the usability is great with many knobs. 

I must say that the SYSTEM-1 i

+ great sounding “green Synthesizer”
+ usability 
–  optical

I hope to test for you also all other Roland plug-out/in Synthesizer available on the market. 

More about the SYSTEM-1 Hardware/Software Synthesizer, you can find here:

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