AIR Music Tech released new version of Advance Music Production Suite

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Synthesizer Highlights in AIR Music Tech Advance Music Production Suite: 

9 Synths in 1 Bundle 

AIR – LOOM – Modular Additive Synthesizer 
AIR – HYBRID 3 – Subtractive and Wavetable Synthesizer 
AIR – VACUUM PRO – Subtractive Vacuum-Tube Synthesizer 
FABILTER – TWIN – Virtual Analog Synthesizer 
SONIVOX – WOOBLE  2 – Grime Synthesizer 
SONIVOX – TWIST 2  – Spectral Morphing Synthesizer 
SONIVOX – VOCALIZER PRO  – Vocoder Synthesizer 
WAY OUT WARE – TIMEWARP 2600  – Emulation of the ARP 2600 
CAMEL AUDIO – ALCHEMY PLAYER  – Sample Manipulation Synthesizer 

More Highlights

+ Over 70 cutting-edge titles

+ Virtual instruments, FX, samples & more

+ 20,000+ instrument, patch and sample sounds
+ Tutorials, training and collaboration tools

A collaborative effort involving over a dozen industry-leading developers, this collection of professional-grade music production software features 25+ virtual instruments, 15+ effect plugin processors, and 15+ sample packs. 

What is new?
– Film Score Companion
– New Price – 399.99 USD 

Now available:

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