Tone 2 announced the release of Saurus 2 (in the next months)

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Tone 2 Saurus2 will be released within the next months. The upgrade includes a huge number of new features, sounds and enhancements. The synthesis engine has been completely reworked and offers a more analog sound. 

All customers, who purchased Saurus1 between March 2015 and the release of Saurus2, will be able to upgrade to Saurus2 for free. The upgrade to Saurus2 will be optional for all Saurus1 customers. Saurus2 will be 100% downward compatible. You will be able to load all your old songs, projects and sounds.”

New features:

– Added a comfortable patch browser with a keyboard which can be opened by clicking ‘BROWSE’

– Added a ‘Config’ menu which allows to set the degree of analog behaviour

– Additional LowCut equalizer

– Additional HighCut equalizer

– Added a new play mode ‘Stack’ which plays the autochord defined in ‘Arp Key Mode’

– 14 additional ‘Sine’ LFOs as matrix source

– 4 additonal chord modes which play thirds for the arpeggiator

– The patches can be ranked by clicking on the stars in the patchbrowser

– Keyboard can be hidden with ‘Config->hide keyboard’

– The degree of analog noise modeling can be selected between ‘none’ and ‘extreme’

– The degree of analog drift can be selected between ‘light’ and ‘extreme’

– Added a smart microtuning algorithm. ‘Fat tune’ delivers more harmonic and transparent chords.

– The degree of analog saturation can be selected between ‘linear’ and ‘extreme’

– The degree of analog OSCs damping can be selected between ‘light damp’ and ‘heavy’

– An analog sounding default patch can be initialized with ‘File->Init analog patch’

– A digital sounding default patch can be initialized with ‘File->Init digital patch’

– Modwheel and pitchwheel are auto-assigned on patch initialisation

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