Superbooth 24: Polyend Press, new compact analog stereo compressor, first look

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Superbooth 24: Polyend Press is a new compact all-analog stereo compressor unit with modern features and hands-on control.

Polyend has already presented the new Tracker+ ahead of Superbooth 24. This is a new version of the original Tracker with new synth and drum engines, USB audio, and more. It was also announced that the Tracker and Play product family would be updated with new features in the summer.

That’s not all. Polyend also unveiled the Press, a compact analog stereo compressor with a modern feature set.

Polyend Press Superbooth 24

Polyend Press

After the Medusa hybrid Synthesizer, this is the first analog product from the Polish developers in some time. Press is a new all-analog stereo compressor inspired by the sound of classic analog rack compressors.

Instead of just mimicking a unit from the past, Polyend put its compressor in a compact size and added a modern feature set. It has features usually only seen in VSTs, says the devevelopers.

Press is all about hands-on control. There is no menu diving or presets. It has all the controls you expect from a professional compressor, including threshold, ratio, make-up, mix, attack, release, and tilt. Plus, it has modern features, including stereo side chain through and highpass and lowpass filters for the side chain channel.

Polyend Press

On the connection side, it has 1/4 TRS audio input and output jacks, a 1/8” stereo sidechain thru, and a power supply input.

Polyend says: “Press is a versatile pedal, perfect as an end-of-chain effect to achieve a professional sound or as the ultimate sidechain pedal to get a pumping dance groove with the stereo sidechain i/o.

Here is my first look on the new Polyend compressor.

First Impression

At first glance, it’s a nice, compact compressor. What’s particularly good about it is that everything is analog and very hands-on. I’m curious about its cost.

Polyend Press will be available in Fall 2024. Price is TBA.

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