Superbooth 24: Oxi Instruments Meta, a compact stereo performance effects module

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Superbooth 24: Oxi Instruments Meta is a new compact stereo effects module for Eurorack with algorithms designed for performances in mind.

The young Spanish company Oxi Instruments has made a name for itself in recent years with its first two products: the One sequencer and the Coral digital feature-packed synth voice module. Both products also receive constant feature updates.

At Superbooth 24, Oxi Instruments showed its fourth product, a new effects module designed for live performances.

Oxi Instruments Meta

Oxi Instruments Meta

Meta is a new stereo insert effects module for Eurorack. Two mono ins and two mono outs enable stereo processing of signals

Instead of tons of effects, Oxi Instruments has crafted algorithms sorted in scenes with performance in mind, including:

  • SPACE: two types: classic long-tail reverb with tone and filter and experimental reverb with shimmery to deep/black-hole textures
  • RISER: two types: high-pass filter with reverb and noise build up or high-pass filter with reverb and Shepard tone-style built-up 
  • FILTER: DJ-style filter with resonance control
  • LOOP: looper and reverse looper/beat-repeater that can be synced to the tempo
  • DELAY: clockable delay with reverb wash and high-pass/lowpass filter
  • GATER: two effects in one knob: gate with division control and built-in HP filter, and snare roll build up with reverb and HP filter

The module operation is straightforward and offers a single knob. It has two positions, and different effect scenes are applied depending on their position. You can select the different effects using the dedicated buttons. There is also a control knob and a tap tempo button.

In addition to its stereo I/O, Oxi Instruments Meta has a clock input and a CV input, the latter of which can be mapped to multiple parameters.

Clever, you can store the gain input and an extra configurable parameter per scene in the internal memory.

First Impression

At first glance, an elegant, compact stereo effects module for Eurorack. I think it’s nice that they focused on a small number of quality effects that are fun and inspiring to use.

Oxi Instruments Meta is available soon for 349€. 

More information here: Oxi Instruments

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