Aly James Lab ClapTrap v2.0, drum plugin with modeled Simmons Claptraps

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Aly James Lab has updated its ClapTrap drum synth plugin to v2.0, giving you analog and digital-modeled ClapTraps in a new drum synth plugin.

In 1981 Simmons released the first drum synthesizer with the SDS-V. A legendary instrument with a world-famous sound that is still loved by many today. Also during this period, Simmons developed the ClapTrap, another drum synthesizer that focused on instantly usable clap sounds.

First in analog with a unique humanizer function and later in 1984 in a digital version. Now you can explore both versions right in your DAW in a new drum plugin from Aly James Lab.

Aly James Lab ClapTrap v2

Aly James Lab ClapTrap v2.0

ClapTrap v2.0 is the successor of the original ClapTrap plugin with expanded features. It remains a drum synth plugin that authentically recreates the iconic vintage Simmons analog and digital clap synth models (mk1, 2, and 3). 

According to the developers, they completely rebuilt and enhanced the first version, and it’s the first time it’s available as a plugin “on its own”. The V1.0 was only a bonus for the VSDSX 2.0 plugin.

ClapTrap v2.0 offers both an emulation of the analog and digital Simmons in a single plugin. The new 2.0 version features a new circuit mode that covers the digital MK3 and revamped emulations of the analog MK1 and Mk2 models.

A highlight is the single and dual-operation modes, allowing you to combine both emulations to create a “hybrid” instrument. Something that is not possible with the original units. It also features a new option to switch from the noise SVF filter modeled after the original hardware to a custom “fixed gain” peak filter.

Aly James Lab ClapTrap v2.0

Circuit Bending, New UI

Then, ClapTrap v.2.0 also features a new digital clap tone EPROM swapping functionality and a new analog clap ensemble circuit bending. With this, you can mangle the analog-modeled voice with various parameters. pulses shape, humanizer mod amount, reversed key-tracking… 

You can benefit from an improved GUI with an all-new design and crisper look at different DPI. There is also a new trigger button for the sounds on the UI. Other new features are:

  • multi outputs with routing capabilities 
  • settings and preset browser pages.
  • trigger “thump” and Filter noise bleed emulation.
  • option to delay incoming trigger (max 100ms) on one unit.
  • true stereo capability on the analog ensemble pulses.
  • option to enable global circuit saturation (also reduces dynamic range)

Further, it comes with various bug fixes (rare macOS graphic glitches, improved CPU usage by “sleeping”…) 

First Impression

At first glance, a big update for the ClapTrap plugin. It’s nice that everyone can now buy it and not just get it as a bonus with another plugin. Unfortunately, there is no demo for it.

Aly James Lab ClapTrap v2.0 is available now for 30€. It runs as a VST3 and AU plugin on macOS (Intel + native Apple Silicon) and Windows. 

More information here: Aly James Lab

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