This Max For Live device turns your Korg Volca Sample into a granulator

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_cadaverrrrr devices has published a new max for live devices allowing you to turn your Korg Volca Sample into a granulator without hacking. 

Alternative firmware/hacks for Korg products pop up regularly. There are some for the Electribe or the Korg Volcas. In 2020, Pajen released a firmware to give the Volca Sample polyphony, probability triggering, and more. With such hacks, you live with the uncertainty of a possible hardware break.

It is also possible to get more out of it without hacking. _cadaverrrrr devices has today published a M4L tool with which you can transform your Volca Sample into a granular sampler.

Korg volca sample granulator

Korg Volca Sample Granulator

This is not an alternative firmware, so you don’t damage or modify the firmware. The magic makes a new unique Max for Live device in conjunction with the Korg Volca sample and MIDI data.

More precisely, it transmits MIDI messages, including note-on, note-off, and control changes to modify the standard behavior of the Volca Sample.

The developer says it takes advantage of the instrument’s 11 programmable parameters. So it creatively exploits the MIDI implementation of the unit. And the core idea is to apply a granular synthesis algorithm to these. With the right tweaks, you can also transform your Volca in a generative drum machine.

The Granulator Max For Live offers a granular section consisting of three main parameters (density, grain attack, and grain decay) and the option to modify the playback direction (forward or random). There is also a hold function and an option to sync the density.

Then, you also have all the parameters of the Korg Volca Sample in the M4L in the form of range sliders (start point, length, chromatic speed, hi-cut, level, pan, and envelope settings to pitch mod). On these parameters is the granular algorithm applied. With the Rsliders you can determine exactly how much of it should be sent to the Volca parameters.

First Impression

An interesting different way to modify the behavior of a Volca. This without hacking or risk of breaking the device. Cool idea.

_cadaverrrrr devices Korg Volca Sample Granulator is available now for $8 and requires a Volca Sample and a license of Max For Live.

More information here: _cadaverrrrr devices

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  1. I am wondering if they would be able to release the code.small Arduino based box with those features would be great

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