Spektro Audio NGEN, new 16-track algorithmic MIDI sequencer

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Spektro Audio NGEN, a new 16-track MIDI sequencer powered by 22 unique algorithms (generators/FX) generating all kinds of MIDI data for you.

MIDI sequencers are used by musicians to sequence notes or drums or all together. They play the MIDI data manually or program it using buttons/pads in the hardware. The increasing availability of algorithmic sequencers shows that a computer brain can also do everything for you —Torso T-1, to name one.

These sequencers allow musicians to use smart algorithms to generate complex sequencers you might never have thought of yourself. One developer who is working on this concept for a long time is Icaro Ferre from Spektro Audio in Brazil. With the NGEN, he shows his latest sequencer with algorithmic superpower.

Spektro Audio NGEN

Spektro Audio NGEN

NGEN is a new 16-track MIDI sequencer powered by many smart MIDI algorithms. It combines 22 algorithms (12 generators and 10 MIDI FX) that automatically generate drum/percussive patterns, basslines, melodies, chord progression, arpeggios, and much more for you.

The hardware is based on algorithms from older devices (ACDGEN and Polyform) and completely new ones, including Drumgen, Samba, Arper, POP, and MARP. There are also wild MIDI FX like humanizer, glitch, chord, and shaper.

Each algorithm has its own window design that gives real-time visual feedback on what it’s doing. Powerful is that new Spektro Audio hardware is not just a single channel MIDI sequencer but 16. So you can generate 16 independent MIDI sequences and send them to other hardware and software.

Spektro Audio NGEN

NGEN differs significantly from other classic sequencers. Independent programming of sequences is not possible here. The algorithms do that for you. The musician, i.e. the user, can influence this with various parameters such as length, shift, and transposition via experimentation and exploration.

And with the built-in MIDI FX algorithms (delays, glitches, chords…), you can spice up the generated sequences, making them more complex and groovy. The MIDI FX also includes MIDI program changes, CC sequencing, velocity randomization, and more. Yes, it’s packed with creative, auto-generative functions.

The operation is simple and performance-oriented. There is a display, four parameter knobs, and four fixed-assigned buttons (track/clk, pattern, function, and generate).

Using NGEN live was one of the developer’s key goals. So he implemented many functions to make this possible like shortcuts, assignable MIDI program changes, deep MIDI CC implementation, performance mode with 8 macros, and more.


NGEN looks like a very fun MIDI box that is suitable for quick jams as well as complete compositions. I particularly like the approach of experimenting and exploring the engine. So you are constantly inspired by new melodies, basslines, grooves, etc. It could fit well in my setup as a source of inspiration aka a helper to come up with new melodies… when I’m out of ideas.

Spektro Audio NGEN will be available for $599 USD, and you can pre-order your unit from the first batch today (20/01/2023) at 1 PM EST.

More information here: Spektro Audio

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