Universal Audio Volt 4 and Volt 476P, new 4-channel audio interfaces

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Universal Audio has expanded its Volt audio interface series with the Volt 4 and Volt 476p, two new solid 4-channel USB-C audio interfaces 

Last year in October, Universal Audio released the Volt series, new small, very neatly equipped USB-C audio interfaces.

Now there is an addition to the popular Volt series. In the form of 4-channel versions. Again a more straightforward, less expensive, and a more feature-rich version.

Universal Audio Volt 4

Volt 4 & Volt 476P

Both new Universal Audio releases are 4-channel audio interfaces with many identical features but significant differences. They are both bus-powered USB interfaces with a USB-C connection. Both the Volt 4 and Volt 476P feature the same audio converters, which work with 24-bit and 192 kHz resolution. They also offer the switchable vintage mic preamp mode that gives your microphone signals the sound character of a UA 610 preamp.

There is also phantom power on both interfaces that can be activated separately. On the backside, they also share the same MIDI input and output connectivity on the good old DIN format. Also, the outputs are the same: you get four outputs on jack plugs plus two additional outputs for the monitor signal making in total of 6 outputs.

Universal Audio Volt 4

Now to the more exciting, the differences. Volt 4 is the simple version of the new 4-channel Volt series. It has two inputs on the front and the back. At the front are two combo inputs for XLR/jack, which are equipped with analog preamps for connecting microphones. They can also easily handle line and instrument signals.

Universal Audio Volt 4

Additional two line inputs are on the back in jack format. Plus, on the front, you get an adjustable headphone output. It is operated entirely via rotary controls and vintage-inspiring glowing buttons that look really nice

Universal Audio Volt 476P

The Volt 476P is, let’s say, the premium version of the Volt 4 series. It has four analog preamps for each input channel and offers two separate adjustable headphone outputs. Besides the vintage mic preamp mode, which is available on both versions, you get here an exclusive compressor emulation based on the UA 1176. Perfect for adding a bit of punch to your vocals and instruments.

Universal Audio Volt 476p

It also has the same operating concept, only the arrangement is different. The control elements are here on the top of the interface, plus you get retro wooden side panels.

A logical step after already releasing the two-channel version of the Volt series. Solid audio interface with some excellent extra features.

Universal Audio Volt 4 is now available for 259€ and Volt 476P for 469€. Until October 31st, you get $400 in UAD plugins for free with any VOLT USB audio interface purchase.

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  1. The spec difference between the 476 and 476P should read, for the price of a 476P over the 476, the buyer unlocks two additional analog (circuit) mic preamps.
    Looking here, all 000 series interfaces include both preamp and compressor circuitry or ability, with the 476p featuring a settings (err…on/off) button?
    Anyway, a 4×4(+6?&midi) interface that can run C to C from apple stuff sounds good for the planet.

  2. I realize this is an old post but it came up in my search for info on these interfaces and UA has indicated that the 476 and 476P are NOT USB bus powered.

    Just in case that is a deciding factor for anyone reading this.

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