Bela Pepper brings Csound, Pure Data & Supercollider to Eurorack systems

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Bela goes Eurorack with Pepper, a new DIY module that transforms your Csound, Pure Data, Supercollider, or C++ codes in hardware audio processors.

Analog and digital technology have made two interesting developments in Eurorack in the past years. Analog technology on the one hand became much more affordable and accessible. On the other hand, the possibilities of digital technology have expanded a lot. From simple to complex codes with high-quality audio generators and processors.

The number of new interesting Eurorack modules on which you can load your own codes shows this digital step forward. Befaco Lich, Qu-Bit Nebulae, Instrument of Things TBD, Electro Smith Daisy Patch, and now also from Bela.

Bela Pepper

Bela Pepper

Pepper is a DIY module (18HP) and is based on the Bela development environment. It supports code synth patches made with C++, Pure Data, Supercollider, or Csound. Thus you can create your own Eurorack synth, modulator, or effect processor using your favorite codes.

On the black/bronze interface, you can find stereo inputs/outputs perfect for stereo audio processing. Then, you have 8 CV inputs (up to 4 can be swapped for trigger ins), 8 CV offset potentiometers (normalized to analog inputs), 8 CV outputs, 4 customizable buttons, and 10-LEDs screen. A neat set of I/O, especially the good amount of parameters and CV connectivity.

For all non-coders, Pepper comes with a library of example patches ready to go. It includes generators such as a 4-channel looper, inharmonic oscillator bank,  physically-inspired vocal synth, couple of drum machines… Also effects like analog-style tape delay, granulator as well as modulators (LFO playground…). The developer also includes template projects for creating your own patches.

I am happy to see that the digital world in Eurorack is getting bigger and more complex. The module looks great, offers a lot of control, and is very affordable to start with. Looking forward to hearing feedback from users as it could be a nice module for creating powerful audio processors.

Bela Pepper is starting at £30 as a bare-bone kit or as a full kit from Thonk for £209.50.

More information here: Bela  –  Thonk 

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