Pimp Your Elektron Model:Samples Groovebox With The New Overlays From Oversynth

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Oversynth overlays for the Elektron Model:Samples Groovebox adds color to the design, highlights major features and improves the workflow.

Elektron’s beginner groovebox Model:Samples offers a sample-based engine with many creative features in a compact device. A drawback, in my opinion, is the white gray interface which is not perfect. The fonts are very small and hard to ready, sorry Elektron. Oversynth has developed new overlays that can solve this optical problem.

Nice thing about these overlays is that it divides the engine into certain areas and highlights them. This helps a lot to get an overview of the engine and you know immediately where the filter or the sample section is.

Oversynth Model Samples overlay Oversynth Model Samples Overlay Oversynth Model Samples Overlay 1 Oversynth Model Samples Overlay 2

Feature Groups

There are a variety of color schemes and designs to choose from, and they all feature high contrast graphics and large fonts for easy viewing in low light.  The overlays make good use of color and/or patterns to group related controls together.  For example, most designs use the color blue to identify controls relating to sample playback, LFO controls tend to be colored yellow, etc.  Shift functions for each control are clearly indicated using either white or black text over a contrasting background.

The waterproof overlays are printed on durable and recyclable polyester sheets (not vinyl, fiber, or plant-based paper).  The overlays are semi-rigid so they will stay flat and won’t easily curl, but they are also thin enough so they won’t interfere with the function of knobs or controls.


Easy Installation 

The overlays are held in place by the front panel knobs and by two small adhesive tabs, and installation takes about 5-minutes. Simply remove the front panel knobs from your Model:Samples (you may need to use a small knife or letter opener to help pry off the knobs), peel off the removable-adhesive backing from the corners on the reverse side of the overlay, place the overlay over the front panel, then slide the knobs back on. The adhesive provided is low-tack so the overlay can easily be removed if desired.

Oversynth Elektron Model:Samples overlays are available now for $35 USD each.

More information here: Oversynth 

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