Moffenzeef Modular Stargazer Drone Synthesizer Sound Demo!

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Moffenzeef Modular Stargazer is a unique sounding digital Synthesizer that is especially great for aggressive distorted drones & soundscapes!

The Moffenzeef Modular Stargazer is not a traditional Synthesizer. It’s a drone Synth that is based on wavetable oscillators & LFO’s, different effects (sample rate reduction/bit reduction, distortion) and more. The Synth YouTuber DivKid has released today an excellent demo that shows nicely the heavy and distorted sound character of this unique instrument.

The company also announced recently limited back edition of the Stargazer Synthesizer.

Moffenzeef Modular Stargazer


STARGAZER is one beast øf a drone machine: dual wavetable oscillator with ninety arbitrary waveforms, two resonant lowpass filters, three wavetable LFO’s, sample rate reduction, bit rate reduction, amplitude modulation, and CMØS distortion. The expression pedal input can be used tø control the speed øf all three LFOs at the same time which free up your hands to control other aspects øf the drone. 

This compact robust instrument is housed in a rugged sheet metal enclosure. STARGAZER can handle the abuse it will inevitably take at gigs and is road ready for whatever horrible treatment lies ahead. Stare into the sky mouth agape while shredding parallel dimensions with this hypnotic vomitron. 


  • dual wavetable oscillator with 90 arbitary waveforms
  • sub-octave, detune, volume for second oscillator
  • 2 resonant filters
  • sample rate reduction
  • bit rate reduction
  • digital VCA
  • 3 wavetable LFO’s
  • CMOS distortion with 100x gain
  • expression pedal input
  • 1/4″ audio output, impedance matched for guitar amps & effects
  • 6VPP output: super loud!
  • teensy audio library / arduino compatible.

Moffenzeef Modular Stargazer is available now for $535 USD. The Black Edition is limited to 100 units.

More information here: Moffenzeef Modular

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