System80 Released 850 – A New All-In-One Utility Module (LFO, S&H, Noise, Slew Limiter) For The Eurorack Format

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System80, known for the JOVE filter, released today their second Eurorack module. The new 850 is a fully analog all-in-one utility module that features an voltage controlled LFO (sine, triangle, ramp & square output), sample&hold, noise source and slew limiter. The S&H section of the module is normalized to the Pink Noise (random) or any of the outputs of the LFO without patching. Internal clock, external clock and external sample input are available on the panel of the module. Interesting is that the hardware is open source and available on Github. If you search an all-in-one utility module than check out this new release from System80.

The 850 is a fully analog utility module that combines a voltage controlled LFO, Sample & Hold, Noise source, and a Slew Limiter.  The S&H section is normalized to Pink Noise (random) or any of the outputs of the LFO without patching. The output of the S&H circuit is normalized to the Slew Limiter input, allowing slew to be added to the S&H signal.  The internal clock driving the S&H doubles as an auxiliary triangle shape LFO.  The main voltage controlled LFO features an adjustable delay circuit triggered by an external rising pulse, allowing a gradual increase in LFO amplitude after a reset pulse.


  • Voltage controlled LFO with selectable sine, triangle, ramp and square output
  • LFO gate/reset input and adjustable rise time after reset
  • S&H with internal clock, external clock, and external sample input
  • Auxiliary triangle LFO output from S&H clock
  • White and Pink noise sources
  • Slew Limiter with input normalization to S&H output or S&H clock pulse

Open Source

850 is open source hardware. Available here: Github 

The new System80 850 multi-function modulation source module is now available for $275 USD.

More information here: System80 850 

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