FLUXAMA DR-OM Synthesizer For iOS Is Back With Audiobus 3 & 64-Bit Support

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FLUXAMA DR-OM Synthesizer is almost a classical iOS music app. So simple that app is so much fun it makes. Unfortunately, the fun of the app has recently passed since the developer has not delivered any updates for a long time. Unfortunately, we have nothing heard from it for some time, Facebook gave us no information about updates, also some users reported that they didn’t answer on e-mail inquiries. But after that all thought it could not go on, there are excellent news. DR-OM is back with a complete rewritten code with 64-bit and Audiobus 3 support.

I’m happy to see DR-OM back on iOS devices because it’s a simple but amazing sounding drone Synthesizer. If you love creating drones in seconds, than check out absolutely DR-OM. It cost only $1.99 and worth absolute every penny.

DR-OM is a virtual synthesizer that simulates the hackable yard sale treasure of the same name. Dozens of DR-OM units have been adapted from a rare, limited science lab function generator that started turning up in flea markets in the 70s.  DIY synth enthusiasts discovered the device was easily hackable, and closely-guarded photocopies of modding schematics have been handed around the community for years. The directions show how to rewire the generator into a nice little synth with two mixable Low Frequency Oscillators and a Voltage-Controlled Filter.

This app is a complete and playable simulation of three different versions of DR-OM boxen that were discovered at a yard sale near Quonset Point along with a folder of photocopied schematics. Each DR-OM unit has its own characteristic sound because of degrading components or bad wiring by the owner. The Speed dial is the most finicky part of the assembly; depending on the box, the dial can cause tuning drifts, random events and gnarly effects. In the seventies, the noise generator was nicknamed “Doctor Om” for the meditation-friendly tones it generates. Others believe the name is an acronym for Drone Ready Oscillator Module or Dual Recirculating Oscillator Module, but no one knows for certain where the name comes from originally.

New in DR-OM v.2

  • Updated for 64-bit support and Audiobus 3.

Available here: FLUXAMA DR-OM 


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