The New Reaktor 6.2 Update Brings Compatibility For Third-Party Instruments, Effects & Other Devices For The Player Version

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Native Instruments announced today a great free update for the Reaktor 6 & Reaktor 6 Player Synthesizer environment.

With the new Reaktor 6.2 update, third-party developers can now publish instruments and effects that work without the full version. That’s an excellent news for musician and developers. On the one hand, it makes many musicians happy who have only the player version because so they can buy in future many best-known commercial ensembles without having the full version. On the other hand, it’s excellent for small third-party developers. With this change, they can now reach far more musicians with their great instruments and effects.

If, for example, you would like to have an instrument from Twisted Tools but don’t have R6 full version, now you no longer need to buy this big bundle but you need only to purchase the license for the instrument. In my opinion, the right decision of Native Instruments because this bring even more momentum into the Reaktor 6 community.

First companies will be: Heavyocity, Twisted Tools, Blinksonic, Tim Exile and Tonsturm. Many more coming in future. Beside this news, Reaktor 6.2 allows now also third-party instruments /effects to map controls to the NKS format. Last but not least, they fix some important bugs inside both versions.


What news in Reaktor 6.2 

This update enables third-party instrument builders to release commercial products for Reaktor and free Reaktor Player – including IP protection of the respective devices, convenient installation, licensing and browsing.

  • Additionally, the product demo functionality has been overhauled and now allows the use of both licensed and unlicensed content within one ensemble.
  • ADDED Structure locking for third-party products
  • ADDED Sample protection for third-party products
  • ADDED Native Access activation callback
  • CHANGED Player tab is able to sort Products by vendor
  • IMPROVED Demo screen rebuilt – ability to display multiple products and their demo time
  • FIXED Capslock enabled prevents deletion of modules with delete key
  • FIXED Deletion in “searchbox” deletes whole unmarked word instead of one character
  • FIXED No midi QWERTY input after renaming of bookmark
  • FIXED Performance regression when using Resynth, Graincloud and Pitchformer modules
  • FIXED Drag & drop of primary module files into structure

More informations here: Reaktor 6

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