Roland System-8 Max For Live Controller 1.0 released

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Good news for all Roland System 8 Synthesizer and Max4Live users. The developer released his first Max4Live device which is a complete System-8 Synthesizer editor. It’s available now for free. Also cool feature, all parameters are mapped to the Push 2 controller. 

Initial build of a M4L MIDI Controller For the Roland System-8. 
  • Click the button next to Floating to get an Independent M4L window.
  • 2 way feedback of MIDI Signals.
  • Controls are mapped to Push 2 controller.
  • Green System-8 button goes to Program A-6 which I have mapped to a Patch Initialise.
  • Jupiter-8 and Juno-106 buttons. Need to develop separate M4L Device.
  • Use with External Instrument in Ableton.
  • Note: Current Bug on load where you need to initialise the patch.

This is my first M4L Device and it works for my use, but thought it might be useful for others.
Any constructive feedback and suggestions would be excellent.

Available here for free: Max4Live Roland System 8 Editor

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