Buy or Rent-To-Buy? Nonlinear Labs announced the availability of the C15 Synthesizer

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The Berlin based company Nonlinear Labs announced today the availability of the new C15 Synthesizer. Back on SuperBooth 2016, I had the chance to check this device out and I was impressed about the concept of this device. In this new Synthesizer per example you find many best-known features like LFO’s, Midi support not but excellent performance features. I’m still not sure if this device will be a success for the company. We can say this maybe next year. 

The way how you can order this device is already quite different compared to other Synthesizers on the market. Either, you purchase it for 4000€ (included VAT) or you can rent it until you are the full owner. An interesting financial way to attract musicians. You can find below all the informations about the way you can buy or rent this Synthesizer.


The C15 will be available at the beginning of May 2017. Please note that the C15 is assembled at Nonlinear Labs in Berlin by hand. Therefore, we cannot always immediately satisfy customer demand. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Purchase or Rent-to-Buy?

Our aim is to make the C15 available to musicians with any budget. That’s why we have two main possibilities: purchase and rent-to-buy. If you would like to purchase a C15, please refer to the section Purchase below. We also offer a flexible rent-to-buy plan, with a minimum monthly payment of 80 €. For more information, see the section Rent-to-Buy.

Purchase the C15

The price of the C15 is 4000 € (includes 19% German VAT). Since there are no middlemen (distributors and resellers) and no shipping costs, the price represents the true value of the instrument.The price of the C15 is for pick-up at Nonlinear Labs in Berlin. This helps us to keep the costs more transparent and gives us a chance to personally meet each one of our customers, who receive a personal hands-on training when picking up their instrument. The C15 is designed for longevity; we hope our relationships with our customers will also be long-lasting.

In addition to a rent-to-buy offer (see below), we also have a buy-back plan for those who decide to return their C15 some time after having purchased it. (Returned instruments will be refurbished and available for reduced prices.) The buy-back plan is based on the same principle as the rent-to-buy plan: the buy-back price is calculated by subtracting 2% of the purchase price (= 80 €) per month.


Our rent-to-buy plan is fair and transparent; there are no transaction costs, no interest, no complicated financing modalities. Here is the principle: you pay a minimum of 2% of the purchase price (= 80 €) per month for a maximum of 50 months and the C15 becomes your property. If you pay more than 80 € per month, the C15 becomes your property sooner. The rental agreement can be stopped at any time by returning the instrument.

The C15 Synthesizer is based on the Phase 22 Synthesis Engine and include this features: 

  • 2 Oscillators (sine wave, phase modulation, frequency randomization)
  • 2 Shapers (sine curve, adjustable foldback and asymmetry)
  • Ring Modulator
  • Comb Filter (tunable, with allpass and lowpass)
  • State Variable Filter (multi-mode, 2-4 poles, FM)
  • Feedback Mixer (4 input signals, shaper for the sum)
  • Feedback bus with 4 destinations
  • Output Mixer (stereo, 4 input signals, shaper for the sum)
  • 5 Stereo Effects: Cabinet (amp simulation), 8-pole Gap/Band Filter, 
  • Phaser/Flanger/Chorus, Echo, Reverb
  • 3 ADBDSR Envelopes, adjustable attack curve
  • Velocity sensitivities for envelope levels, attack times, and release times
  • 4 Macro Controls, assignable to up to 86 target parameters
  • 8 Hardware Sources, mappable to the 4 Macro Controls
  • Number of parameters: 317
  • Resolution of the parameters: typically 1000 steps (250 … 15000 steps)
  • Resolution of key velocity, ribbons, bender, aftertouch, pedals: 4000 steps
  • 12-voice polyphony, variable Unison settings
  • Scale parameters for micro-tuning the 12 steps of the octave

More Informations here: C15 Synthesizer

Here is my Nonlinear Labs C15 coverage from the SuperBooth 2016

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