Ringhausen’s Tangerine Dream Style Ratchet Sequencing On An iPad

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Ringhausen, one of the sound designers for the PPG apps and plugins demonstrates how to do Tangerine Dream style ratcheting sequencing with an iOS app on an iPad. For Eurorack people, there is a special ratcheting module from Eurorack which allows to create this style of sequences. The ratchet sequencing is invented by Tangerine Dream and is a step sequencing method where notes in a sequences, normally triggered once per step, and triggered multiple times per step to add a more interesting rhythmic variety to the sequence. 
For creating this demo, Ringhausen used an iPad app “StepSequencer ST-S01 with the PPG 1002 Synthesizer and the PPG plugin Phonem. Check it out here.

Available here: StepSequencer ST-S01 

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