NAMM News 2017: Zynaptiq Wormhole Plugin First Look

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At NAMM 2017, Zynaptiq, a german software company announced the Wormhole plugin which allows users to create deep creates with a simple voice sample. You can create even more crazy stuff with this plugin. This plugin is one my highlights from this NAMM Show because I love new innovations and things which are special. We have already thousand of delay or chorus effects on the market and I’m happy to see such innovative plugins. It’s not cheap at all but it can create sounds which are not possible with other software effects. Really looking forward for the new Zynaptiq Wormhole plugin. Check out the video if you are interested in a deep overview with some audio demos.

WORMHOLE is a new effects processing plugin for creating otherworldy sounds. It combines an eccentric spectral warping section with a lush reverb and precision-engineered processor that integrates pitch and frequency shifting into a single process – offering unique sonic characteristics and near-perfect side-band and carrier suppression. WORMHOLE is an indispensable tool for sound designers, film composers and and electronic musicians alike. Whether creating alien voices, surreal ambiences, space-ship drones, off-the-wall electronic instrument sounds, or other special effects, WORMHOLE delivers sounds so unearthly you’d swear they were generated in another dimension or parallel universe. 
The key WORMHOLE features: 
  • WARP section with unique spectral warping circuit.
  • SHIFT section with +- 4 octaves of pitch-shifting and +- 4000Hz of frequency shifting, performed in one calculation. 
  • Selectable processing order for WARP and SHIFT.
  • Near-perfect side-band and carrier suppression on the frequency shifter for signficantly enhanced results.
  • Unique pitch shifter design with distinct sonic characteristics.
  • Lush sounding reverb section.
  • MIDI Control of all key parameters.

More Informations here: Zynaptiq Wormhole

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