Free Teufelsberg Reverb Plugin for PC and Mac

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The Teufelsberg is a man-made hill in West Berlin and it covers an under-construction Nazi-military-technical college. During the Cold War, the U.S used this installation as listening station. In the last months, a sound engineer team visited this historical location and recorded impulse responses to create an unique reverb plugin with this atmosphere of the Teufelsberg. This reverb is now available for PC and Mac for free.

New Balance Audio Tools plugin range

The first plugin of a new range of audio tools is the Teufelsberg Reverb. It’s been two years since we released the Teufelsberg impulse response set, our most popular download, so we think it’s fitting for the first plugin in the Balance Audio Tools range to be this one. The Teufelsberg Reverb is a bit of sonic surveillance history: a plugin allowing you to use the acoustics of the main listening tower at the former NSA compound, Teufelsberg, in your own productions. Prior to the fall of the Berlin wall the compound was run by the American and British military with the main objective being to intercept and process any Soviet and Eastern Bloc communications as part of the ECHELON intelligence gathering network.

The reverb is based on our original impulse responses which we recorded with great care and mastered them to be useful in a wide variety of situations. There are six (quite different) variations to experiment with and apply to your source audio.Finding an opportunity to approach the towers and record the impulses was tough, not to mention having to climb and squeeze through a tiny gap to reach the uppermost tower, so we hope you enjoy incorporating a piece of Cold War history into your music and audio productions.


  • Lush reverbs, accurately captured at the infamous Berlin surveillance tower.
  • 6 different IR reverb sounds.
  • Fast, zero-latency convolution.
  • A/B compare and preset saving functions
  • Linux, Windows & Mac downloads.
  • Free and open source.

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