Peter Vogel CMI & CMI Pro Midi Update

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Peter Vogel is best known in the IOS music world for his accurate emulation of the vintage Fairlight Synthesizer. Now he updated both apps with a new improved Midi engine. I can’t tell you anything about the app because I don’t have / use it. Main reason, the app is for me to expensive currently. If there is one day a massive sale, I will for sure jump on it. Here some informations about this significant update.

What’s new in CMI & CMI Pro 2.3

  • A new MIDI engine allows connection via the most common Virtual MIDI protocol – OMAC/MidiBus
  • Tapping the on-screen keyboard’s MIDI display brings up a MIDI control panel that allows you to turn on and off all the physical and virtual MIDI inputs, and allows you to connect to Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE MIDI) devices.
  • Now responds to a few MIDI continuous controllers:
  • Modulation wheel input: controls vibrato (LFO)
  • Controller 7: main amplifier gain
  • Controller 10: pan
  • Please let us know what other controllers you want, doing what.
  • Now responds to MIDI MMC messages if a song has been loaded in Page R:
  • START: starts playing the song from the beginning
  • STOP: pauses song playback
  • CONTINUE: continues playing from where it paused
  • note that although MMC messages are processed, CLOCK IN is not used. The CMI app can not yet synch to an external clock source.
  • Experimental – sends MIDI MMC messages if a song has been loaded in Page R:
  • START: when the song starts playing from the beginning
  • STOP: when the song pauses song playback
  • CONTINUE: when the song continues playing from where it paused
  • CLOCK: (yes, much requested) a standard MIDI 24-ticks-per-quarter-note clock is output while the song is playing. Please let us know how Clock Out works for you.
  • Allows audio output via Bluetooth

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes the Page R invisible music keyboard on smaller iPhones
  • Fixes a bug where newly inserted notes in Page R sometimes did not play
  • Fixes edited waveform not playing sometimes; displays warning if edited waveform is not saved
  • Fixes the inability to connect as an IAA input for apps such as Auria
  • Fixes the MIDI pitch wheel input, which was getting stuck at a semitone low.
  • The CMI app is now once again visible in MidiBridge, so it can receive MIDI from non-Core-Midi devices not directly supported by the CMI app.
  • Fixes the crunchy sound on the startup song.

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