Noiiz Sample Download Platform released with Unlimited Downloads

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This week, it was the big release of the new Sample Download Platform Noiiz. This platform created by the Samplephonics team allows users to download unlimited a massive amount of samples, loops and more. The library will grow every day and what is great in this subscription model, you don’t lose the rights on the samples. If you don’t renew your subscription after one year, you can use your download samples still in your tracks. I’m really interested to subscribe now for 89$ during the first week for 1 year to check out this new model and to check how this platform evolve. Also a positive feature is a pretty easy designed plugin where you can drag and drop the samples directly in your DAW. When I subscribe the model, I will give you a review and also an overview of the progress of this platform.

Noiiz Plugin features
  • Download sounds directly from Noiiz into your DAW.
  • Audition sounds in time and in key with your project.
  • Stay in sync – everything you download can be accessed anywhere, from any device.
  • Browse your personal folders or create new ones.
  • Use all of Noiiz’s intelligent search functions to cut wasting time looking for sounds.
  • Access to Over 130.000 samples at the moment
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • New Sound Content Every Day
  • 100% royalty Free License
  • Retain Rights to your sound forever 
  • 8000+ Free Drums & FX Samples during the launch offer
  • Free Noiiz Plugin

Until 1 February, you can subscribe to this service for 89$ (199$ normally). You fee will be the same for the next years. 

More Informations here: Noiiz

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