Blamsoft Expanse Hyperwave Synthesizer v.2 released

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Alongside the new Reason 9.2 Update, Blamsoft released today version 2 of their Expanse Hyperwave Synthesizer. This update brings features which I missed a lot in the Rack Extension world.

New in version 2.0

  • Works with all Serum-compatible wavetables. This gives you access to thousands of wavetables available for Serum.
  • You can now create a wavetable from any sample. Or sample an oscillator of your favorite synth.
  • Copy/paste/reset now works for envelopes as well as oscillators using alt-click
  • Envelope and additive engine displays support modifier keys for fine adjustment and resetting to default values
  • Click-drag selection has been replaced with popup menus for all displays
  • Mod Matrix menus now have sub-groups for quicker browsing
Expanse is a modern wavetable synthesizer, with 67 high quality wavetables designed by eXode, and support for all Serum-compatible wavetables. But that is just the beginning. Advanced waveshaping, additive, and unison capabilities allow you to create thick sounds with just one oscillator. And there are three more where that came from, for sounds that are utterly enormous. Want more filters? Expanse has 29 filter modes in each of the two filters including the most famous topologies. In the modulation department, Expanse’s three LFOs offer 64 unique waveforms and the five graphical envelopes have a slick user interface and looping features. Six onboard effects let you stay “in the box” and allow for factory presets that are polished to perfection. To top it all off, Expanse features two sequencers that let you easily create gate and note or modulation patterns.

More Informations here: Expanse Hyperwave Synthesizer

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