Roland System 8 Synthesizer Observations

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We have all seen today this massive leak of the new Roland devices. The new Roland System 8 Synthesizer will be the big brother of the System 1 Synthesizer. Some people wrote: “I want this”, some other “no thanks”. What I missed in the comments is a tech speech about the features. I will write down here some features, which I can observe at the pictures. 

Pretty sure, System 8 will have three oscillators or 2 oscillators + 1 sub oscillator. This is already an upgrade from the System 1 Synthesizer. There are also the section for filter and amp. I can’t find any information on the picture what kind of filters this time, this new synth will have. For me, there will be more some more filters than in System 1 because you have in the filter section also a little screen where you can switch the variation. Also interesting to see is the fact that Velocity can be activated on different places like on the filter. For this, the developers of Roland have redone the entire keyboard and build finally a much better keyboard in this Synthesizers. Some rumours speak about the same keyboard as the JD-XA. 

In the middle of the System 8, I can spot 4 different engines. On the left you have the standard System 8 engine and also three slots with Plug-Outs. Now, the question is: Can we activated them all together to combine different plug-outs? Or maybe only one. For me, a next improvement is the on the right side. There is finally a step sequencer included. A lot of users ask Roland to bring a step sequencer to the System 1 but now you can find it in the System 8. 

There are also significant changes in the Mod-Wheel department. In my observation, they killed the Mod-Wheel from System 1 and replace it. Now it seems that they use more a joystick Mod-Wheel. 

Some changes are also to see in the effects section. I can spot Chorus, Reverb and Delay and one other knob with a different function. The addition of the Chorus is interesting because this effect fit perfect to the classic Jupiter 8 Synthesizer. This observation lead us to the next rumoured products. Will Roland release a Plug-In / Out range like a Jupiter 8 Plug-In/Out. 

This new release seems working better with modular gear. It comes with Gate Out and CV Out. Additional there are two inputs (R and L/ mono) which can be a full audio interface or for some other features.

We will receive all informations from Roland on 9 September. 

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