Meeblip Triode Synthesizer is now available

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Small, compact and a big sound. This was the ingredients of the Meeblip Synthesizer. Now the developer announced a new version with more power and features. The sound demos are already great and sounds excellent for this small box. I hope I can test for my community the new Meeblip Triode Synthesizer.

Small. Dirty. Deep. MeeBlips are not polite, and they’re not pristine. They’re deceptively tiny, simple synths that make big, grimy sounds.The award-winning MeeBlip anode was already capable of producing ridiculous bass sounds. So with triode, we challenged ourselves to make things even more extreme. Triode’s huge sound is driven by three oscillators and a unique twin-t analog lowpass filter. Switch on the pure square wave sub-oscillator and punish your favorite subwoofers.

Choose from traditional square / pwm / sawtooth waveforms, or select from 24 grungy single-cycle wavetables. Now, everything is MIDI controllable – even filter resonance. And it’s 100% more red.


  • Analog filter : Our aggressive Twin-T analog filter is unlike anything you’ve heard. It can be warm and sweet when you want it to be, or crank it up for over-the-top resonance and distortion.
  • Three powerful oscillators: Detune triode’s dual digital oscillators for huge sounds. Activate the pure digital sub-oscillator for more bass. Enable PWM sweep to add shimmer.
  • Wavetable mode: triode includes a hidden wavetable mode with 24 aggressive digital textures for sonic variety.
  • Full MIDI control: triode offers full MIDI control, including real-time tweaking of parameters using MIDI CC. Perfect for live performance or as part of a sequencer-based rig.
  • Open source: MeeBlip triode is open source hardware. It comes ready to use, but you’re welcome to check out the schematics, read through the code and make changes.
  • Extended controls: Get hands on and tweak your sounds from the front panel. If you want more control, hidden parameters like envelope and filter attack, Pulse width and envelope modulation are available using MIDI CC.

And here the technical details: 

4″x4″ / 100mm x 100mm square case, rugged and road-ready | MIDI input (DIN) | 1/8″ audio output | Nine custom-made knobs, four vintage-style switches | 9V AC power (multi-volt adapter included) | Variable pulse or sawtooth dual oscillators, PWM sweep | Analog mixed suboscillator | Low frequency aliasing (for bass), high frequency anti-aliasing (for leads) Wavetable mode with 24 single-cycle waveforms | Dual envelopes with attack, decay and sustain/release | Twin-T VCF with resonance | Glide | LFO, tuned, routable to filter or pitch | Detune up or down (augmented fifth)

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