Waves Codex Synthesizer – Arpeggios, Sequences and why this is a steal deal

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I wrote in a early article, that you can grab currently a 50 USD voucher for plugins of Waves and announced also that Codex is available for just 29 USD with the voucher. I made a video about the arpeggios and sequences of Codex Wavetables. I play around with some of these but there are lot of presets included. For 29 USD, it’s a steal, I think because you check the concurrence, you have Serum (189 USD) and Nave which is (149 USD). If you don’t have yet a wavetable Synthesizer, it’s the perfect entry level for you because the basis of this synth is not difficult at all. It’s intuitive and doesn’t come with too much special features like Serum. 

They are few parameters available for the wavetable and also a import features for you own wavetables. So there are endless of possibilities. The sound is different than Serum or Nave but all of them has his own wavetable sound. For beginners of wavetable Synthesizer, it’s a steal. For advanced users, it’s also cool to play around and maybe to create own sounds with new wavetables. For 29 USD, you can’t make a mistake. 

Get the 50 USD Voucher here during end of June only: Voucher Deal

If you are interested to buy it, please use the Voucher Deal link for purchasing the synth so you support Synth Anatomy with a virtual donation for making some new videos about Waves products.

The video is available here:

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