Gospel Musicians released BASSalicious Synthesizer Plugin

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Gospel Musicians has released the BASSalicious Plugin, a dedicated synth bass plugin with a single focus on sound. Sounds like an interesting plugin for bass sounds. The GUI looks pretty nice and easy to use. 

All of the synthesis and filters are custom tweaked with our own personality and our urban ear. When we first set out to produce BASSalicious, it came from a need we had: All of our plugins come from a musical need first.
We noticed that there were a ton of synth bass libraries out there that focused solely on dubstep and wobble bass sounds, but not that much out there for the urban community and that pure synth bass classic sound. Sure there are the sample based ones, but you run into problems with samples when trying to produce a realistic glide effect that is so essential to urban synth bass music. The other thing we were dissatisfied with were the oscillators themselves. You see, in order to reduce aliasing, most wavetable synths reduce the bandwidth and filter out frequencies so it doesn’t alias. The problem with this is that you filter out the good stuff along with it. We figured out a unique compromise, where we can give you the full band of the wavetable, while at the same time reducing aliasing.
Our method is very unorthodox, but it works, because the technology will always take a back seat to the sound, and not the other way around: “If it sounds good, then it is good.”
The BASSalicious Plugin is available currently for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/Standalone) and in near future for IOS (iPad). 
More Informations here:  http://gospelmusicians.com/bassalicious-plugin.html

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