CooperFX Generation Loss V2, Guitar Pedal For VHS Degradation Effects

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CooperFX reintroduces its famous Generation Loss VHS degradation effects pedal in a new V2 with new features but sold out again as usual

Fact: guitar pedals are similarly addictive as Eurorack modules. Once you start, you always want more. The small analog and digital sound miracle boxes are not only in great demand with guitarists but also in electronic music. Infinite possibilities to combine pedals with synths.

As in Eurorack (Beads, Disting EX…) there are also pedals that are almost always sold out or are traded for almost absurd prices on eBay, Reverb … The pedal Generation Loss from CooperFX had to experience this phenomenon as well. This and other reasons motivated the developers to bring a Generation Loss V2 onto the market. And yes, it’s sold out again.

Cooper FX Generation Loss v2

CooperFX Generation Loss V2

Generation Loss is an effects pedal that hurls your sounds into the past. It’s a trip back to the vintage, crackly tape era. It brings together all aspects of tape degradation by combining different effects. GL refers to the decrease in sound quality and introduction of noise and sound artifacts each time a copy is made on magnetic media such as tape.

This includes the famous Wow and Flutter (random pitch fluctuations), sample rate reduction, noise, and more that can be accessed on the pedal. Lowpass & Highpass filters (LP/HP) allow you to limit the frequency bandwidth of the tone. Perfect for making textures sound like old telephones, walkie-talkies, etc.

The new Generation Loss V2 adds separate wet & dry knobs in place of the previous mix knob, and also the ability to save presets. It also hosts a new extra footswitch for momentary effects. You can program this through the function button to produce tape stop, spectral freeze, and other effects. There is also MIDI support. The pedal operation remains mono what is a bit of shame.

The demos published for the release sound great and lo-fi in a good way. I’m sure it would go perfectly with synths too.

CooperFX Generation Loss V2 is available now for $299,90 USD. It is currently sold out on the official website but hopefully they will restock it soon.

More information here: CooperFX

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