2getheraudio SN4RE Drum, Synth Plugin Specially Designed For Versatile Snare Drums

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2getheraudio SN4RE Drum Synthesizer lets you design unique snare drums from scratch that are perfectly tuned to your tracks. 

Finding the perfect snare drum from thousands of samples is a long process. If you want something new, you can use effects or even a synthesizer with which you can design your own. The new SN4RE Drum plugin from 2getheraudio may help you in this situation. It’s a Synthesizer that is specially developed for creating unique snare drums from zero.

SN4RE Drum features 5 different sections (character, body, compressor + drive, effects and room) with which you can design your perfect snare. All this is implemented in a very intuitive interface with 34 parameters, all automatable in your DAW. Since you can automate them in Logic Pro, Ableton Live, etc., you can make the snares very lively and varied compared to static samples.

2getheraudio SN4RE Drum


  • Electronic Snare Drum maker with simple and expert editing options.
  • 100 fully editable Snare Drum presets.
  • Highly customized macro controls customized for snare drum editing.
  • Advanced control over snare drum attack, body, dynamics, character and room selection.
  • Includes VST, AU, AAX plugin formats for compatibility with all DAWs.
  • Powerful synth engine delivers electronic snare drums ranging from subtle to punchy, noisy to clean or traditional to experimental.
  • Super easy to make your own electronic snare drum sounds.
  • Includes a convolution reverb for high-quality room ambience.

2getheraudio SN4RE Drum is available as a Pay-What-You-Want download with a minimum of $10 USD.

More information here: 2getheraudio 

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