Teenage Engineering Released Feature List Of The Upcoming OP-Z Audio & Video Synthesizer

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Already on NAMM Show 2017, Teenage Engineering teased the upcoming new OP-Z audio & video Synthesizer. Unfortunately, there was at that time no exact information available which features the device will have. However, the first demos that already looked promising were already available on NAMM per example. The YouTuber Cuckoo has already made a preview to the device (prototype) some time ago where you get a good first impression of it. There too, there was no exact information about in depth features. Today, however, the Swedish company has published the official feature list with which can be done more than with all the available teasers.

The new Teenage Engineering OP-Z is based on an advanced 16-track sequencer where all tracks run independently. Super handy and creative is here that you the OP-Z makes individual track speed and tack length possible. On top of that, you have dual layer sequencing engine that has in the first place a classical 16 step sequencer but also a second where you can add variation per cycle, not variation, micro sequencing, direction, parameter changes, re-trig’s and much more. Exciting is here that all this is possible on one single step. So theoretically, you can create a complete song by programming only the first step of the 16. Sounds crazy and super powerful in my opinion.  The developers think also further how musicians can compose songs on one device and designed a special component for those situations named “catch up”, that force a track to exist at a certain step but it stay in sync. In total, there are 14 components sorted into 3 groups: triggers, note variations and specials.

One important new information is that the OP-Z is a completely stand-alone Synthesizer and not an add-on for the OP-1 per example. To offer all users the possibilities to play with visuals and graphics, the development team introduced the concept BYOS – bring you own screen. Simply download the OP-Z app, pair the device with your phone and expand the functionalities of the OP-Z using the phone. Per example, you can use your phone camera and arranging them to a beat. On top, the OP-Z has a full unity 3D integration that allows you to create 3D visuals with your created music.

Not to forget: a Teenage Engineering OP product need a tape. They developed for this new product a complete new tape feature that not only allows you to record your track but also to sequence the tape. My estimations are high for this product because if everything works like described, the new OP-Z will be a new and unique instrument that merge the music instrument with the visual world together. In my opinion, a perfect instrument for musicians who always want to work with visuals but don’t have the big skills of using complex software programs. I’m pretty sure that the OP-Z can build here a nice bridge between two worlds

Features summary:

Sequencing advanced multi-speed 16-track sequencer.

  • step component composing
  • endless sequencing steps
  • track independent length
  • track independent speed
  • parameter locks
  • step recording
  • live recording
  • midi, cv and trig track sequencing
  • image and 3D graphics sequencing
  • DMX light sequencing

Instrument tracks: 16 individual and independent synthesis, sampler and control tracks.

  1. kick
  2. snare
  3. percussion
  4. sampler
  5. bass
  6. lead
  7. arpeggio
  8. chords
  9. FX slot 1
  10. FX slot 2
  11. tape
  12. mixer
  13. midi
  14. cv & trig
  15. light
  16. motion

Patterns: 160 user programmable patterns with endless patterns chaining

Effects upgradeable: modular effects architecture. included effects: delay, reverb, filters, tremolo etc.

Step components14 multi-program step components for advanced step sequencing.

Screen when paired or connected to an ios device, the ios device will act as a screen for OP-Z.

iOS app OP-Z will be free to download from app store: compatible with any iOS device that is apple metal graphics specified.

Dual domain synthesis for extreme low latency performance.


  • analog devices blackfin 70X DSP
  • cirrus logic audio co-processor
  • 1250 MMACS
  • 48kHz 24-bit DAC
  • 122 dB SNR

Sensors: 6 axis motion sensor (g-force) assignable to any Synthesizer parameter

Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 LE 

Battery: 2 years stand-by time

Connectors: USB Type C & 3.5 mm 4-pole jack
Tactile input:  2 octaves of musical keys: 51 mechanical keys in total pressure sensitive pitch bend 4 x multi purpose color coded high resolution encoders volume knob / on switch pairing button & ui53 led indicators

Microphone: integrated MEMS microphone

  • durable designultra rigid engineering plastic housing IXEF 1022 PARA + 50% glassfiber
  • unique encoder design
  • teenage engineering designed floating ball bearing hall sensor encoders for minimal stacking height and wear.
  • dimensionsL 212.5 mmH 57.5 mmD 10 mm + 5 mm length for volume knob
  • included in package: usb type c to usb a for charging and control.

Price and availability: TBA

More information here: OP-Z Preview 

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