Schlappi Engineering releases BTMX rhythmic logic module

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Superbooth 24: Schlappi Engineering has announced the BTMX and BTFLD, new additions to its 4-bit binary logic system and Dual Vector Foil.

At Superbooth 24, Eric from Schlappi Engineering announced four new binary-focused modules. The first of these is now available – the BTMX (BitMix).

It’s a new 8HP rhythmic logic module with four channels, each having two inputs. 

Feature Highlights

  • 8 switched inputs
  • 4 dual input logic functions (AND, OR, ADD, XOR)
  • 4 gate outputs
  • 1 stepped output
  • LED indication for every input and output
  • Works at LFO and audio rate
    8 HP
    Current consumption: +12v 26mA, -12V 10mA”

Schlappi Engineering BTMX is available now for $200.

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Article From May 29, 2024

Time passes very quickly. Superbooth 24 is almost two weeks over, but there is still synth news that has been little reported. 

The US-based company Schlappi Engineering also had new Eurorack modules. For Superbooth 24, Eric has showcased two additions to its newly introduced 4-bit binary logic system (Nibbler) and another module.

Schlappi Engineering BTMX BTFLD

Schlappi Engineering BTMX BTFLD

The first two new modules, BTMX and BTFLD, are new additions to Schlappi’s 4-bit binary logic system. According to Eric, all three modules work together to explore the musicality of a 4-bit binary logic system.

As a reminder, the Nibbler is a 4-bit digital accumulator based on CMOS logic. It counts in binary from zero to finto fifteen, with inputs and outputs for individual bits as well as stepped voltage outputs (digital to analog converters).

The new BTMX (8HP) is a mixer for the logic signals and offers four logic functions. It works at LFO and audio rate. On the front panel, you have eight switched inputs, 4 gate outputs, and a stepped output. Plus, it has an LED indication for every input and output.

The BTFLD (6HP) is a bit folder for rhythms, and wavefolding and distortion effects. It will do frequency multiplication and convert analog signals to 4-bit digital signals. There are various outputs available: 4 gate (square wave), stepped, and wave folding. It can operate with unipolar or bipolar signals.

Dual Vector Foil 

Last but not least, the third new module is Dual Vector Foil (12HP), which is a new versatile utility module that also works outside the binary system. Besides mixing and inverting signals, it can also create single-sided/full rectification and single-sided and window comparators.

Dual Vector Foil has two DC-coupled 3-input mixers with a dedicated attenuator per input and various other functions:

  • inverts and offsets
  • master mix out
  • window comparators (PWM capable) 
  • master XOR out
  • half-wave rectification (positive and negative) 
  • full wave rectifiers 
  • selectable limiter on outputs 

First Impression

Three exciting new modules from Schlappi Engineering. Very special and not classic. I think it’s great that there is another company besides Xaoc Devices that is exploring the binary system in Eurorack.

Schlappi Engineering BTMX and BTFLD will be available in Summer 2024 for +/- $200. BTMX is already in production and will be out in June. Dual Vector Fall will be out in the fall.

More information here: Schlappi Engineering 

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