Behringer Wave Synthesizer (PPG Wave clone) is entering beta phase

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Behringer today showed the final prototype of their PPG Wave hybrid Synthesizer clone/replica via the official Facebook page.

Many Behringer synthesizers are in development. Some are still prototypes, and others are close to production. Since 2020, they have also been working on a clone of the legendary PPG Wave. 

Behringer released a development update yesterday. They announced that the latest revision had been completed and that the Wave is now ready for beta testing.

Behringer Wave

An intriguing statement is that they are confident that the Wave will be shipped this year to the customers. So everything has to work out without any delays in production, shipping,… and of course, beta testing must be super smooth as this also takes weeks or even months. 

Here’s an update on the WAVE. We have just completed the latest revision, which will now be sent to our beta testers for final approval.
Replicating the unique architecture of the original unit made the firmware development extremely complex.
We’re confident we’ve nailed this synth and aim to ship it in a few months. Thank you for your patience. This is one legendary synth.

Here is a look at the installed circuit board on which you can also see the individual outputs of the synth. A very compact PCB


Then we’ll see if Behringer can achieve the goal. I’m excited about the first sound demos. Stay tuned! 


Article From April 18, 2022

According to Behringer, they have been working on a clone/replica of the legendary PPG Wave for 3 years. A legendary hybrid Synthesizer, initally developed by German developer Wolfgang Palm.

The company showed the first prototype in August 2020, almost two years ago. Today there is news about this big project. The name BBG has been dropped and is now just called Wave. Behringer has completed the final prototype and they have also published new photos.

Behringer Wave final prototype


The Behringer Wave is an upcoming clone/replica of the legendary PPG Wave from the early 80s. It was an hybrid synth that features digital oscillators (wavetables) with analog filter and VCA envelope section. The latter were an important feature as they give the synth a warm sound.

There were several versions of the PPG Wave. Version 2.2 and 2.3 were considered the richest in features. For example, the 2.2 gave you 2000 different single-cycle 8-bit digital waveforms, deeper wave edition options, or even an 8-track sequencer with automation. The PPG Wave 2.3 featured enhanced sample-playback capabilities, 8-part multi-timbrality, and more.

It is not known which PPG Wave Behringer is replicating here. They may be able to build all aspects of each version into their clone/replica, which would be very good. The back of the synth shows us many outputs, which is a clear indication for multi-timbral support. So a recreation of the PPG Wave 2.3.

Behringer Wave Hermann Seib
©Behringer FB

Wolfgang Palm, the original developer of the synth, is not onboard but Hermann Seib. An absolute specialist in the field of PPG Wave synthesizers, who also develops and maintains the firmware of the vintage synths. He also has a plugin at the start that you can download for free.

Behringer FB Post

We’re very excited to share with you that we’ve just completed our third and final prototype after 3 years of development, which will now go to our beta testers for final testing, before the synthesizer is released for mass production.
The Wave hybrid synthesizer was a particular complex research and development project, as the recreation of the unique sound properties such as aliasing, over-sampling, low-res converters etc. was very challenging. But after much hard work, we nailed it.
We’re also working together with the legendary Hermann Seib, one of the creators behind this beautiful synth.
This is an exceptionally beautiful and unique synth and once we receive the necessary semiconductors, we’ll get it straight into mass production and into your hands. If you want to collaborate with our synth developers and make your voice heard, join our “Synthesizer and Drums Behringer Music Tribe “ FB Group.
Thank you for the great input you have provided over all these years 🙂

Behringer Wave final prototype

An exciting project. I’m curious how close the sound of the Behringer Wave will be to the original PPG. But also how different the feature set will be. I will keep you posted on the project.

More information will follow here: Behringer 

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  1. As a used goes for $20k…. this would be awesome. Behringer is onto some very cool upcoming synths.

  2. I played around on one of these in 1988 and fell in love with it. Making these available to so many people will change music, no question about it, very excited, sold.

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