Airwindows Consolidated, new update for the 400+ algorithms free multi-FX plugin

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Airwindows Consolidated summarized Chris Johnson’s stellar DSP effects work, featuring nearly 400 effects in a new free multi-FX plugin. Update 07/07 with new effects

In May, I reported on the Consolidated plugin, which bundles all 400+ Airwindows algorithms into one epic free plugin. It’s already July, and there are some nice new algorithm additions: 

  • CreamCoat: a classic reverb with soft undersampling that can generate smooth, lush ambiances
  • DeRez3: a unique bit-crusher based on Bezier curves with dry/wet control
  • Wolfbot: an aggressive Kalman bandpass with evil in its heart
  • Parametric: a three-band EQ based on the Console X EQ with advanced features
  • BiquadStack: a parametric EQ made out of stacked bi-quad filters
  • CrunchCoat: a cursed retro digital reverb 
  • Distance3:  combines the best parts of Discontinuity and Distance (mimics through-air high-frequency attenuation)
  • Discontinuity models air under intense loudness.

It’s growing and growing. It’s amazing what Chris packs into this plugin. Big thanks! 


Article From May 7, 2024

Free plugins are great because they allow you to make high-quality music on a minimal budget. The market for free plugins has grown significantly in recent years, and so has their quality. Projects like the open-source Surge XT synth alone show what level free software has reached.

Almost everyone in the music production world is familiar with the name Chris Johnson aka Airwindows. He has already released almost 400 free effects plugins. This is incredible work and a lot of plugins, especially if you install them all. To make things smarter, there is now a new Airwindows Consolidated plugin.

Airwindows Consolidated

Airwindows Consolidated

The days of 400 individual Airwindows plugins are over. The new Airwindows Consolidated brings all AW effects with built-in documentation in a simple, single multi-effects plugin for Windows, Mac, and Windows. Yes, an epic free multi-FX plugin.

The plugin is super straightforward. You can select the algorithm at the top. Then you have the parameters on the left and the description of the effect on the right.

Currently, there are almost 400 algorithms that the Consolidated plugin contains. It includes reverbs, amp simulators, filters, distortions, lo-fi processors, tape emulations, EQs, saturators, and more. 

Chris Johnson aka Airwindows says about the Consolidated plugin:

For many years, I’ve built up a library of DSP effects, executed in a stripped-down, retro-friendly format that is impossibly light and efficient compared to how plugins usually are.

It’s also completely overwhelming at nearly 400 plugins all with their own names (or iterations like Channel6, Channel7, Console8, Console9 and so on) and stuck on older formats like VST2, because for years I insisted that Steinberg might try to take away the legal right to put out VST2 plugins and I wasn’t going to risk that, being committed to supporting all possible machines.

Airwindows Consolidated fixes all those things, at a stroke. It’s just become the one true way for a lot of people to use the Airwindows plugin ecosystem, and it will be fully supported going forward as a format for all new plugins (at least, all new plugins that aren’t themselves a giant leap forward, more on that later).

First Impression

This is an epic release for the free plugin community. Almost 400 effects in one multi-FX plugin is crazy and once again shows the incredible work of Chris Johnson. I hope to see at some point an iOS AUv3 port of these. 

Airwindows Consolidated is available now as a free download and runs as an open-source VST3, AU, CLAP, and LV2 plugin on macOS, Linux, and Windows. You can support Chris via Patreon

More information here: Airwindows GitHub 

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  1. “ I hope to see at some point an iOS AUv3 port of these. ”
    Same here!
    Doesn’t sound like it’s in the books despite Johnson’s comment to the effect that BaconPaul added support for
    “All the things a JUCE project can produce.”

    In fact, I’d love it if Surge XT were to run as AUv3 on iPadOS. It’d make a huge difference there.

    In the meantime, I’ll focus on creating my own AUv3 patches using Plugdata. Just discovered AUv3 support and it makes the whole difference in the world, to me. I still do most of my patching from the desktop and then I can use those patches on my iPad Pro (M1, not the new M4 with Apple Pencil Pro, unfortunately).

  2. Wow that chamber reverb sounds lovely, it’s amazing that it’s free, I’d never heard of this before.

  3. from what I’ve read, he says to check for updates by re-downloading the program. that’s really cool. updates for a free vst.

  4. Wow! Also somehow never heard of these plugins before. This is going to keep me busy for while.

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