KOMA Elektronik Chromaplane, a polyphonic electromagnetic Synthesizer with Passpartout Duo

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Superbooth 24: KOMA Elektronik Chromaplane is a new polyphonic electromagnetic Synthesizer designed in collaboration with Passpartout Duo.

Every year, dozens of new hardware and software synthesizers come onto the market. Most of them have traditional designs with oscillators, filters… Understandably, there are also calls for innovation and new ideas.

This can be found in the experimental corner of Synthesizer releases, which many view very controversially. The new exciting Synthesizer from KOMA Elektronik, which they already presented at Superbooth 24, fits exactly into this section.

Koma Elektronik Chromaplane

KOMA Elektronik Chromaplane

For a long time, it was quiet around the Berlin-based company KOMA Elektronik. Now they are back. And not alone. In collaboration with Passpartout Duo, they have developed the Chromaplane Synthesizer. 

Not to be confused with the software synth Chromaphone. Chromaplane is a polyphonic electromagnetic Synthesizer comprising ten emitting electromagnetic fields visible via its reference points on the interface

Each voice of each field is an analog square wave oscillator that is independently tuneable using the adjustment screws. Then, it includes a lowpass filter and a delay effect. 

Koma Elektronik Chromaplane is playable using two pickup coils that detect sounds. You can achieve various sounds here, not through the engine but through how you use the coils. If you move closer or farther away from the field, swing it and slide it. It’s a dance of the invisible electromagnetic fields.

KOMA Elektronik Chromaplane

Additionally, the KOMA Elektronik Chromaplane includes an envelope follower output and an external input for playing external audio sources. The front panel has patching options, giving you more sonic flexibility.

Passepartout Duo has been road testing the Chromaplane in their performance setup for a while, and now we’re finally at the last stages of development. In the next month, we’ll be revealing more information about this unique instrument, so…

First Impression

I was a little surprised that this is not an instrument from Soma Labs. It would fit perfectly into Vlad Kreimer’s company’s portfolio. At first glance, a very exciting Synthesizer with an original sound and playing approach. I think I would have a lot of fun with it. 

For many musicians, the sound won’t fit in with their music, but it’s great to see that synthesizers like this are coming onto the market. We need a colorful variety.

KOMA Elektronik Chromaplane will be available in the next few months, and the price is TBA.

More information here: KOMA Elektronik

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  1. It sounds good, and I like the playing technique and flexible tuning system. Their tuner is cool, but I this instrument would appeal to composers and musicians who work in just intonation, who would need precise cent fluctuation. The intro video doesn’t mention anything about frequency mod between oscillators, which would seem like a big missed opportunity in an instrument like this.

    The price point on this will be interesting. Soma Labs are getting the Flux out for around 1000 Euro, and that instrument seems considerably more flexible, (if larger and more difficult to master), than the Chromaplane.

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