Superbooth 24: Mayer EMI Vibes digital polyphonic Synthesizer ready for pre-order

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Superbooth 24: Mayer EMI Vibes digital polyphonic Synthesizer, initially announced at SB 23, is now ready for pre-order.

A Synthesizer made in Austria—yes, that is a little rarer. But Mayer EMI, with its high-end MD900 Synthesizer, shows it’s possible. At Superbooth 23, Horst from Mayer EMI previewed the Vibes, a compact version of its MD900 Synthesizer.

One year after the announcement there is now good Superbooth 24 news. The Vibes can now be pre-ordered.

 Mayer EMI Vibes

Mayer EMI Vibes

The Vibes combines everything the MD900 Synthesizer can do, just smaller and more affordable.

It’s a multi-timbral polyphonic 24-voice digital Synthesizer consisting of two aliasing-free stereo oscillators per voice, powered by the XVA (Extended Virtual Analog) engine. It includes virtual analog, wavetable, and more. Plus, there is also a noise generator.

From there, it goes then into two multimode filters and an impressive stereo effects section with reverb, delay, distortion, and more. On the modulation side, it has four ADSR envelopes, three LFOs, and a modulation matrix.

Plus, it has a built-in sample player, turning Vibes into a groovebox with a clip launcher, step sequencer, arpeggiator, and more.

The MD900 has been around for 3 years and in that time a lot of work has been done on the hardware and engine. Especially due to changes (discontinuation of criticial components…) during the global pandemic.

Mayer EMI Vibes Superbooth 24

New In The Vibes & MD900

To avoid these things in the future, Mayer EMI designed a new modular platform called AIS (All Integrated Synthesizer). Thanks to this, the Vibes will benefit from additional 8 stereo voices witht the same sound quality as in the MD900. And existing MD900 users will also benefit from these. So not no longer 16 voices but 24 voices.

Then, a new resonator oscillator will premiere in the Vibes firmware that can be combined with the existing features of the XVA engine. The MD900 will receive the new oscillator as well later this year.

According to Mayer EMI, the clip launcher also got an update and will offer the same powerful features as the MD900. So, you can record, edit or draw notes into individual notes and rearrage everything on the fly. All 4 parts, the drum track and the MIDI Out have an individual clip track. 

And like in the MD900, it offers native support for performance controllers (Novation Launchpad, Akai APC…) via the built-in USB A host ports. 

Further, users of the Vibes can work with a full-fleded digital audio mixer with over 19 stereo channels. Besides the synth and drum parts, you can also real-time process incoming audio with the effects using the mixer.

Essentially, the Vibes is now a central hub for production, mixing and performing, says Mayer EMI. That’s there vision for their synths.

Second Impression

I’m very happy to see that the Vibes is about to be released. Also that the engine will continue and become more and more powerful. The current one is already super mighty and has an excellent sound quality. An impressive compact box.

Mayer EMI Vibes is available now for pre-order for an MSRP of 2299€. Official release TBA. The worldwide distributor is now B4 Distribution. Mayer EMI will be at Superbooth 24: ‘Bungalow Dorf’, B020.

More information here: Mayer EMI

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  1. I like what Mayer has done but all their synths are super expensive. The only way I see myself getting one is years down the road on the second hand market.

    • I was about to leave this exact comment. I’m glad they exist. The big one feels like a new, proper groovebox. And they put it into eurorack! Super cool.

  2. The large version is sublime, but I see no reason for me to pay so much for digital hardware. This one at 2300,- isn’t too bad though. I guess they aim at buyers who want an Iridium Core, but rather have something different than that dominating synth series? I feel like the Anyma Omega is going to scratch all my digital needs, so I’ll happily wait for that thing to one day appear.

  3. How many voices DOES it have? Here it says 24 on the website it says 16 voices! For me it sounded like 24 voices but it can be 16. I give an update asap

    • MD900 has 16 voices but the press release was a bit wonky as they said: we added 8 more voices etc. So not clear, I need to ask Horst at Superbooth

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