Korg NTS-3, build your own KAOSS pad with the power of the logueSDK engine, new demos

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NAMM 2024: Korg NTS-3 brings the power and flexibility of the open-source logueSDK engine to the KAOSS world in a new dedicated DIY effects unit. 

With the NTS-1 Mk2, Korg announced the successor to the best-selling NTS-1 this morning, which has more features and a more powerful chip. Now, this concept is taken further into a dedicated effects device.

The NTS-3 Kaoss pad takes the NTS-1 concept to the DJ world. 

Korg NTS-3

Korg NTS-3

The latest Nu:Tekt family member is the NTS-3 Kaoss pad. It’s a new effects unit powered by the Korg open-source SDK logue engine—the same powerful and fun engine we know from the NTS-1 Mk2 and drumlogue.

Like the NTS-1 and NTS-2, the NTS-3 is super compact and portable. It’s also a DIY fun that doesn’t require soldering skills. So it can be built by anyone, even with two left hands. 

NTS-3 features a classic KAOSS pad X/Y pad, an FX depth slider, and various knobs. Unlike the NTS-1, you can host up to four effects simultaneously with deep editing options. So no oscillator block but more power for effects.

Korg NTS-3 Kaoss pad

Customizable Effects

It ships with an impressive set of built-in distinctive KAOSS effects. These range from essential filters and compressors to immersive delays, reverbs and imaginative modulation effects, offering a palette of original and previously unexplored performance possibilities.

A highlight of the NTS-3 is the flexibility. Just like with the NTS-1, effects can be exchanged as desired. There is no information yet on whether the engine is based on the same SDK code or whether there is an adapted version for the NTS-3.

You can play individual KAOSS effects individually or combine them and use up to 4 effects simultaneously. Plus, you can save these settings in presets. 

Not to forget, it also features best-known features from other KAOSS pads, including mute, FX depth, and tap BPM. Plus, there is a new latch function to separately control several effects at the same time.

On the connection side, you get a stereo input and output on 3.5mm, sync in/out, and a USB-C port for data and powering.

First Impression

Another excellent NTS family member. An exciting release. I am a big fan of this product range and engine. I hope we also see a more pro version with 6.3mm inputs/outputs in the future. This innovative engine deserves it.

Korg NTS-3 Kaoss Pad will be available soon for $169,99/149€ 

More information here: Korg 

Available for pre-order here:

Thomann Sweetwater

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    • I guess the Thomann link below the article ? Not available before several month though, which is not a surprise for NTS family, they tend to announce them early.

  1. i would be surprised if this did not have a real follow on logue product with some reliability. these little DIY boxes are fragile, especially the audio jacks. same with NTS-i mkii.

    new SDK already has known bugs.

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