Modal Electronics Carbon8, digital polysynth features and price appeared on Kraft Music

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Superbooth 23: Modal Electronics previews the Carbon8, a new digital polyphonic Synthesizer with different algorithms.

Back in May, Modal Electronics showed the prototype of the Carbon8, a new digital Synthesizer with an experimental-flavored engine. Modal did not want to reveal the complete feature list at the booth because the synth was still under development.

A reader drew my attention to the fact that Kraft Music’s online retailer lists the Carbon8 on the website with the features and a price.

Modal Electronics Carbon8

Carbon8 Features

According to Kraft Music, Carbon8 has eight digital voices and features two oscillators per voice.  Each offers over 40 complex digital algorithms with cross-modulation, including phase mod, phase distortion, waveshaping, wave folding, and more.

Then, you shape the raw oscillator sounds with a multi-mode morphable filter featuring 34 different filter types, a crazy amount of filters. You can find morphable Modal classics with 2 or 4 poles, modern notch, phase, peaking, vocal filters, and vintage multi-pole filters (LP/HP/BP) with or without filter drive.

Modulation side, you get three envelopes (filter with inversion, amp, mod) and three LFOs with shapeable waveforms. This is managed by a modulation matrix with 12 slots where four are fixed, and eight are freely assignable.

Modal Carbon8

There are also three effects slots. In each, you can choose one effect from 26 available effects algorithms. Further, it features a “Premium” 37-note Fatar TP9/S keyboard with an aftertouch and the classic Modal X/Y joystick with four assignable axes.

It also includes a 512-note real-time/step sequencer with four animation lanes as well as a programmable arpeggiator. Both the arp and sequencer has different play modes. And the Carbon8 also ships with the ModalApp with macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS support.

Kraft Music says the Carbon8 will cost $1099. Modal confirmed me the information.


Article From May 17th, 2023

I’m reporting live from Superbooth 23. Due to time constraints, there are no full articles during the show.

Modal Electronics previews a new digital polyphonic Synthesizer with different synthesis types.

Modal Electronics Carbon8

Modal Electronics Carbon8

Carbon8 will be a new “experimental” flavored digital Synthesizer with two oscillators, each packed with 40 unique waveform algorithms. According to Christian of Moda, these will cover a more aggressive, harsh, or dirty side of digital synthesis. It includes phase distortion, wave folding, waveshaping, FM, and more

Like on the Modal Argon8 and Cobalt8, each oscillator will have a minimal amount of oscillator parameters, allowing you to explore a maximum of different timbres. Unlike in the previous synth, the mixing stage for the oscillators is not a balance out, but it gives you an independent output level.

Then, it has a multi-type filter with different flavors. You will find the great Cobalt8 ladder filter, a state variable filter, morphable, or a new vocal filter here. Plus, there will also be various static and combinations available.

You get a multi-effects section with reverbs, delays, chorus, and more to refine your sounds. So basically the effects we know from the Argon8 and Cobalt8. Plus, you get the same powerful arpeggiator, sequencer, and joystick.

All this comes in the same box and layout as their previous synths. Including the FATAR keybed with velocity and aftertouch.

First Impression

An exciting Synthesizer that Modal presented here at Superbooth 23. I really like the modal synths and so I’m curious how different it is from the others. However, I find it a pity that they use again the same hardware design. It’s easy to confuse them if you’re not that deep into the synths. And I prefer that each synth has its own design.

Modal Electronics Carbon8 will be available in September 2023, and the price is TBA.

More information will follow here: Modal Electronics

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  1. Just hoping it has some nice character, otherwise I really love the keybeds and overall feel of their synths. None of their engines have won me over though yet.

  2. Same price as Zzounds. I’ve been going back to the listing all weekend. This feels like a nice blend of the Big Fancy Modal and the Small Affordable Modal. Powerful features, small appealing form.

    Cannot wait to hear some sounds. Especially the morphing filter. It’s about time someone brought a morpheus style vcf to a modern poly synth. Hopefully it has some mod matrix morphing capabilities and keyboard tracking.

  3. Owned the Cobalt 8 but sold it becasue the oscillator section was not really intuitive to use, the FX where meh and the filter used steppy 128 midi values.

    On the Carbon 8 the osc section looks much more straight forward, the FX might be updated as well. The latter issue might still be persisting tho – 128 steps is not enough for manual filter sweeps.

    I’m interested, but will try before i buy.

  4. If the price is confirmed, the most important question for me is: why does this cost twice as much as the Argon and Cobalt? Layout and hardware components look exactly the same.

    • Just all have become greedier and trying to bring 1000 reasons why it costs so much, trying to justify that with the war, the economic crisis, the aliens etc. and trying to convince you it’s the reason why, when they just want bigger profits. Nothing to do with anything else. The cheaper it is, the more units they’ll sale and the bigger profit they’ll make.

      • “Why did you lower the price?! We’re losing money on every sale!”
        “Don’t worry! We’ll make it up in volume!”

        (I think Capcha was invented to deter people from commenting on anything.)

  5. When someone won’t answer even the simple question “What IS it?” I have to wonder what is going through the mind of anyone who would order one this early. Not even a whisper on their own web site. Experimental is not a flavor, it is a message to stand back and observe carefully before throwing your money. Particular since Carbon8 is 60% more expensive than either Argon8 or Cobalt8. Modal make superb machines but forewarned is forearmed.

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