Superbooth 23: Tasty Chips GR-MEGA, multi-timbral granular Synthesizer, first look

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Superbooth 23: Tasty Chips GR-MEGA, the GR-1 granular Synthesizer/sampler taken to the next level with multitimbrality, multiple engines, and more.

The hottest topic at Superbooth 23 is granular synthesis. That makes me very happy as a granular fan. There is not just a new synth from the Vector developers and the new MicroFreak update but also a new synth from the developers of the GR-1.

The Dutch developers are also showing the GR-MEGA in Berlin. It’s the big brother of the GR-1 Synthesizer, bringing tons of new stuff to the table. e

Tasty Chips GR-MEGA Superbooth 23

Tasty Chips GR-MEGA

GR-MEGA will be Tasty Chips’ new flagship multi-timbral granular Synthesizer. But it will be not just a granular synth. The developer tolds me that it will have five synthesis engines: spectral synthesis, stereo granular with slice, tape scratch, and a classic sampler with advanced features.

Unlike the original GR-1 Synthesizer, the new GR-MEGA will support stereo samples on each of its four layers. There will also be a resampling option. It has a built-in dual filter, envelopes, four multi-wave LFOs, and a new step sequencer that can run on all four parts. Plus, you get effects like reverb, and more to refine your sounds.

The developers completely redesigned the GR-1 engine from scratch and the entire interface for this new “mega” version. There are also new window designs, a complete modulation matrix with many slots, etc.

I made a little video with the developer and asked more profound questions. I will publish it soon. I like the product very much. It’s a bit huge in form factor, but the features are impressive.

First Look

The Tasty Chips GR-MEGA will be available this year for 1800€.

More information here: Tasty Chips

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  1. Does it have line level inputs hate the fact that I had to use an interface with the other one main reason I sold it

  2. @Synth Anatomy
    This looks like a very cool synth indeed. I wonder if you could use instruments like guitars as audio input going through stored fx settings. Like an advanced granular effect unit with patches.

    • I assume so, as even 1010music’s Lemon Drop can be used as a granular effect box for external sounds.

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