Synthmaster One Deal, get KV331 Audio’s powerful wavetable synth for just 19€

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DEAL: for a limited time, you can get the Synthmaster One by KV331 Audio, a powerful, easy-to-use wavetable Synthesizer plugin, for just $19.

Wavetable synthesizers, whether in hardware or software, are among the most popular synths in 2023. As a plugin, you can experience wavetable synthesis at a reasonable price. One of my favorites is the Synthmaster One from the Turkish company KV331 Audio. It’s very easy to use and offers many possibilities for building sounds.

The Synthmaster One is currently available at an unbeatable price of 19€. Yes, very close to a no-brainer deal.  If the built-in 1250 sounds are insufficient for you, the official expansions are currently on a mega sale for just 4€ each.

Synthmaster One Deal

Or you go all in and take the bundle for just $29 (only on the KV331 website). It includes 14 expansion with 790 new presets. And users of Synthmaster 2.9 can upgrade for just $9 USD.


  • two stereo oscillators with VA (waveforms, single-cycle waveforms and wavetable synthesis) with up to 16 voices in unison.
  • wavetable shaping algorithms
  • two sub-oscillators
  • two ZSDF filters with four types (ladder, diode ladder, state variable, and bite)
  • four ADSR envelopes with three envelope-type options (digital, profat, and Oobee)
  • two multi-wave LFOs
  • 11 effects types (distortion, Lo-Fi, reverb, delay, chorus, and more)
  • sequencer/arpeggiator with 16 steps and MIDI support
  • micro tuning and scales support with a rich library, ranging from 5-tone equal-tempered to 12-tone alternate-tuning scales.
  • factory library with 1250 professionally created sounds (BT, Kurt Ader, Luke Neptune, BigTone…)
  • cloud-based cross-platform data synchronization
  • full NKS support.

KV331 Audio Synthmaster One deal is available now for 19€ until March 31st, 2023. It runs as a VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS (Intel + native Apple Silicon), and Windows. Plugin Boutique and ADSR Sounds offer with every purchase throughout the month of March a free plugin on top.

At Plugin Boutique, you get the Lunacy Audio CUBE Mini vector sampler/Synthesizer plus the Rumble expansion with your purchase, while ADSR Sounds are offering the Blast delay plugin on top of your purchase. At ADSR, the plugin is also 2€ more expensive.

More information here: KV331 Audio 

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