Eternal Engine MARS, new polyphonic tube Synthesizer prototype status

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Eternal Engine MARS is a new upcoming polyphonic tube Synthesizer from the makers of the Apparatus duophonic tube synth.

It is often the usual synthesizers (Lyra-8…)  that inspire you and bring the market forward. Because they often bring new ideas forward that you don’t see in synths from the big players. That’s how it was with the Apparatus from Eternal Engine, a crazy vacuum tube-based duophonic Synthesizer.

From the same developers comes the MARS, the polyphonic brother of the Apparatus—different synth, different designs, but with the same tube concept.

Eternal Engine Mars

Eternal Engine MARS

At the time of writing, the Eternal Engine has not shared any details about its polyphonic tube synthesizer. Only two videos are available that give a first sound impression of the prototype. The developers are currently working on the firmware.

I like the layout of the MARS very much. It’s very straightforward and well-structured. You don’t see it in the picture, but it probably has an oscillator block, filter, etc. A more classic subtractive setup. In the picture, we can see four tubes. It’s probably a four-voice synth where each voice has a tube.

What will make this synthesizer special are the built-in tubes. These have already given the crunchy, rich saturated sound character to the Apparatus.

Here is a little demo of the new hybrid tube synthesizer. The hardware part of the synthesizer is ready. Now we are finalizing the firmware.

I’m looking forward to seeing the final version of the synth. If all the features are right, the synth calibrated, it could have an epic sound. But let’s see how it will evolve during the development the next months and how the final product will sound.

Eternal Engine MARS availability and price TBA.

More information here: Eternal Engine

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