Isla Instruments S2400, new DSP FX and analog filter boards in development

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Isla Instruments is developing two new expansion boards for the S2400 sampler: a new DSP FX and analog filter card with 8 filters.

The Isla Instruments S2400 is a further development of the legendary E-mu SP1200 sampler. However, it is more than just an “emulation” of the original. It’s an original standalone hardware sampler with the same workflow but with much more modern features.

Today, they announced that they are currently working on two exciting expansions for the S2400. Two that will boost the device massively, in my opinion.

Isla Instruments DSP FX Board

Isla Instruments S2400 DSP FX

The first expansion will be a new DSP FX board that can be connected to the existing CPU board of your S2400 sampler. The core will be a powerful quad-core ARM chip at 1.8 GHz. According to the developer, it will be capable of running multiple modified VST plugins (own and from 3rd party developers) per 8 output channels. So one plugin minimum per channel. Plus, it also provides a 2nd master bus that can have its own plugins.

It’s currently just a render and prototype. It is also unknown which effect types will be included and which 3rd party developers will participate. But I can well imagine companies like Sinevibes with their stunning high-quality FX algorithm portfolio. They would fit well into the device.

Isla Instruments S2400 Analog Filter Board.

The second future expansion will be an analog filter board that provides eight multimode filters (one per output channel. The project is particularly exciting because analog filters harmonize perfectly with samples. And great that you can install and use both boards in parallel in your existing S2400 unit. Interesting to see that the S2400 has so much hidden connectivity.


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Both expansions, the DSP FX and analog filter boards for the Isla Instruments S2400 are currently in development. Release and price TBA.

More information here: Isla Instruments 

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