MeeBlip’s New Geode Synthesizer Combines Analog & Digital Technology In A Compact Design

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MeeBlip (CDM & blipsonic inc. engineer James Grahame), known for compact-sized music products are back with a new Synthesizer. Geode is hybrid and combines the advantages of analog and digital technology in a small Synthesizer.

Equipped with two digital oscillators and one analog filter, geode produces a wide range of sounds from edgy, cutting to grimy. The smart twist that comes always with MeeBlip instruments is also here available: USB powered and a full MIDI implementation for use with PC/Mac/iOS/Android. An interesting new little synth from the MeeBlip forge, which is affordable and makes for sure a lot of fun.

Meeblip Geode Synthesizer


Raw and digital, dirty and analog in one compact box. Geode has one goal: to let you plug in a box and dial in edgy, cutting, grimy sounds you won’t mistake for anything else. One control per function really means one control per function: no shift, no-nonsense, no presets – just reach out and turn knobs.

And geode brings back all of the greatest hits of the award-winning MeeBlip line in a single instrument, for the first time. Sequence or play however you like, with DIN and USB MIDI. geode is all about getting straight to the sound – every switch, every knob.


  • 2x digital oscillators (PWM, pulse, sawtooth and triangle (OSC A) or Noise (OSC B)
  • Mix A + B oscillators, or choose one or the other (so you can focus on noise for percussion or single-oscillator acid)
  • Sub-octave & detune
  • analog MeeBlip filter, based on a 70s guitar distortion circuit
  • ADS (attack, decay, sustain) envelope and glide
  • Modulation routable to filter and pitch, for subtle effects or cranked for chaotic warbles and FM-style sounds
  • Complete MIDI implementation: use with USB, with iOS (via Apple adapter, not included), or hardware DIN / standalone
  • Dual mono minijack output for easy monitoring with headphones or connection to other gear
  • MIDI DIN input for connecting MIDI hardware
  • USB for MIDI input, connecting to a computer
  • Driver-free operation on macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS*, Android
  • USB powered
  • 1m USB cable included

MeeBlip geode Synthesizer is available now for pre-order for $149,95 USD ($179,95 USD regular) and ships in May.

More information here: MeeBlip

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