U-he Repro-5 Review – A Synthesizer Plugin That Feels Like A Real Instrument

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Factory Library

The Repro-5 Synthesizer comes with over 900 presets from popular Sound Designers (Howard Scar, Electric Himalaya …). They range from bass, keys, lead, pads to more crazy effects. In the test they were able to convince and make even 4 months after the release fun.

Sound Demo & Video Review 


In summary, I can say that U-he has hit the bull’s-eye again with Repro-5. Above all, convince with its sound: fat, authentic, much analogue charm and very noble. With advanced features (engine tweaks, 6 effects…) it’s possible to design not only the typical Prophet 5 sounds (fat bass, lead or pad sounds) but also to discover a complete new range of sounds not possible with the original hardware. Due to the fat sound and the variability of the engine I found myself in the test as if I were sitting in front of a real instrument. Although this is a classic synth plugin, the Repro-5 managed to sell me that it’s not just a standard coded instrument.

Some criticism are: I would like to see more modulation slots in the matrix. It would give sound designers more options for creating more complex sounds. But I can understand the developers if they want to stay as close as possible to the original Prophet 5 with this engine. Also it would be nice to have a simple arpeggiator/sequencer module, but considering that every DAW can do this today without problems, you can stand above it. The last criticism is almost a running gag for U-he products. Similar to the DIVA Synthesizer, the Repro-5 consumes relatively much CPU for today’s times. With the multi-core functionality, this problem can be improved a bit. If you use a relatively old PC or Mac, I recommend to download before buying the demo where you can look exactly if the plugin runs stable.

Nonetheless, U-he again managed to develop a fantastic sounding virtual analog Synthesizer that puts the competition in its place. Even if the price is not the cheapest, the user gets not only the Repro-5 but also the excellent Repro-1 (Pro-One Emulation). So two plugins for the price of one. If you look for a Prophet 5 emulation that comes very close to the original, Repro-5 will be in 2018 the choice!


+ authentic

+ fat & noble sound quality

+ feels like a real instrument

+ tweak-able engine

+ factory library

+ interface


+/- more modulation slots

+/- CPU consumption

– no arpeggiator/sequencer module

Repro-5 and Repro-1 are now available as a single product called Repro, available for macOS  & Windows in VST2, VST3, AU, AAX and NKS formats (32 and 64-bit). A Linux version 1.1 is coming soon. Repro is now available for $149 USD excluding applicable taxes.

Available here:  U-he Repro 

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