New Free Sounds For The KORG Monologue Synthesizer Released

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There are new sounds for the monophonic analog Synthesizer Monologue from KORG available. The company has released a free sound library “Electronic Score  + Retrocade” on their official german website. It includes 23 new sounds designed by Christian Halten, a German film composer. The library features many expressive sounds that trigger direct visual associations.


Whether chiptunes or film music, playing one or the other time journey into the past and future should be possible. From “Oxygene” to “monoModel” over “Sarlacc” and “Lightcycle” to “CBeamGlitter” the pictures are now under your fingers. Strange rhythms like “Firebarrel”, “Snow on Mars”, “Pong” and “Squirrel” can bring that certain something into your own productions. Let yourself be inspired and explore the new sound palette on your monologue.

About Christian Halten

Christian Halten works as a film composer in Berlin. His focus is on music for feature and documentary films with special concepts. The creation and exploration of new instrumental sounds is always the starting point of his work to counter the image with fresh ideas. This method of working also led to the realization of its sampling software SampleRobot, which has been used successfully for 12 years. Christian Halten studied film music in Ludwigsburg and then worked in the composing teams of Henning Lohner and Hans Zimmer in Los Angeles.

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More information here: Electronic Score + Retrocade

Available here: KORG Monologue Synthesizer

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