What’s New In iOS 11 For Music App Developers: More MIDI Features For iOS AudioUnits & More

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During this year’s WWDC, Apple introduced new Mac’s and iPads as well a further development of the previous iOS. As every years, the music app developers are wondering about what new audio features have been added by Apple to the new iOS 11. An important change over iOS 10 was already known for some time. With IOS 11, only 64 bit apps are supported and probably many music related apps will drop out of the store if they are not updated in time. 

Today, we got some cool new informations what they introduced for iOS 11. For the new version, they implemented MIDI output to the iOS AudioUnits as well as Inter Device Audio with MIDI support. Here are all the new audio features for iOS 11.

  • AV AudioEngine – manual rendering 
  • AVAudioSession – Airplay 2 support 
  • WatchOS – rendering 
  • AUAudioUnit – preferred view configuration, MIDI output 
  • Other enhancements – audio formats (FLAC, Opus, HOA) 
  • Inter-Device Audio and MIDI

The whole WWDC video about Audio, you can watch here. It will work unfortunately only with Safari. WWDC iOS presentation

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